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来自 众产品 /众建筑 对gooood的分享。更多关于众建筑/众产品:PIDO / PIDO on gooood.
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3D扫描舱是一个用于三维扫描的摄影棚。它的与众不同之处在于,可以即时完成对大小规格不等物体的数字化三维扫描。拍摄物被置于一个由一百多台定焦单反相机构成的球面阵当中,该结构受到霍伯曼球(hoberman sphere)的启发,每个节点上都有一台相机,可实现等速运动。

The 3D Copypod is a 3d scan booth that can instantly digitize subjects of a wide range of sizes. Objects are surrounded by a spherical array of over one hundred fixed focal length DSLR cameras. Each camera is attached to a node of the Hoberman-inspired, isokinetic structure.

▼3D扫描舱视频,Video of the 3D Copypod


With minimal adjustment, the 3D Copypod can contract to scan small objects and expand large enough to scan a group of people. Folding panels that are lit from the interior enclose the structure of the 3d Copypod to ensure a shadowless photography environment.

▼可伸缩的设计适合各种尺寸的扫描,the flexible design could adapt to wide range of scales


Digital models are constructed from the photographic data to produce high resolution 3d prints. With the snap of a camera even subjects in motion can be captured in high quality and full color.

▼工作中的3D扫描舱,the 3D copypod in working states

▼设计的细节,detail of the product

设计主持:何哲,James Shen(沈海恩),臧峰
项目团队:相未星,谢军,冯紫晴,张朕,Pablo Herraiz Garcia de Guadiana (何西王)

Date of Completion: August, 2016
Principal: He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng
Project Team: Xiang Weixing, Xie Jun, Feng Ziqing, Zhang Zhen, Pablo Herraiz Garcia de Guadiana
Photographer: People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO)

更多关于他们:众产品 / 众建筑. More: PIDO / PAO on gooood.


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  1. 放这么多相机是干啥呢?搞VR?

  2. 是看封面帅哥点进来的

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