MAD China Wood Sculpture Museum Complete
建筑 中国木雕博物馆 不锈钢金属表皮 中国哈尔滨 北京MAD



MAD Architects unveiled the completed China Wood Sculpture Museum located in
Harbin, China. The 200-meter long building, sheathed in metal, sits nestled in a densely
residential area, adding a cultural and surreal essence to the surrounding urban



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MAD 设计的哈尔滨中国木雕博物馆已于2013年2月建成。与之同时完工的,是一个典型中

了固态与液态之间的界限,寻找着“似是而非” 的生命特征。


博物馆的藏品包括具有地方特色的木雕作品,以及北方冰雪画。 而建筑也是对自然的再次
阐释。 在当今的大规模城市建设中,木雕博物馆与自然的对话反而显示出一种超现实的姿



Appearing so evident amidst a thriving metropolitan district of Harbin, China, spanning
200 meters in length, the China Wood Sculpture Museum sits as a locational anomaly,
seemingly out of place, surrounded by a densely populated Chinese-style
neighborhood and residential complexes. The museum embodies some of the foremost
conceptual and formal ideals that define the work of MAD, bringing out an expression
and abstraction of nature to an otherwise quotidian surrounding. The boundaries
between solid and liquid are blurred throughout this 13,000 sqm building, referencing
the local natural scenery and landscape.

The building's exterior is covered by polished steel plates, mirroring the surroundings
and the changing light. The solid walls ensure minimal heat loss while the breaking and
twisting motion of the emerging skylights splits the surface and allows in light from the
low-hanging sun of northern China; this provides sufficient natural diffused illumination
to the three halls on the interior.

The museum mainly houses local wood sculptures as well as paintings depicting the ice
and snow of the regional scenery. In the context of the large-scale modern urban
setting, the museum itself serves as a new interpretation of nature. The surreal
interaction between the museum and the city breaks through the tedium of the urban
shell, revitalizing the surroundings with a new cultural feature.




基地面积:9,788 m2
建筑面积:12,959 m2
建筑长度:196 m
建筑高度:21 m

合作工程师: 哈尔滨工业大学设计院
幕墙顾问: Inhabit Group
建筑表皮优化顾问: Gehry Technologies
钢结构施工单位: 浙江精工钢结构有限公司

设计团队: 于魁, Daniel Gillen, Bas van Wylick, Diego Perez, Jordan Kanter,黄伟, Julian
Sattler, 刘维炜, 唐柳, 毛蓓宏, Maria Alejandra Obregon, Nickolas Urano, Gus Chan,
Shin Park, Alejandro Gonzalez


China Wood Sculpture Museum
2009 - 2013

Location: Harbin, China
Program: Museum
Site Area: 9,788 m2
Building Area: 12,959 m2
Building Length: 196 m
Building Height: 21 m

Associate Engineers: The Architectural Design and Research Institute of Harbin Institute
of Technology
Curtain Wall Consultant: Inhabit Group
Panel Optimization: Gehry Technologies
Steel Structure Contractor: Zhejiang Jing Gong Steel Structure Co. Ltd.

Director in Charge: Ma Yansong, Dang Qun
Design Team: Yu Kui, Daniel Gillen, Bas van Wylick, Diego Perez, Jordan Kanter,
Huang Wei, Julian Sattler, Liu Weiwei, Tang Liu, Mao Peihong, Maria Alejandra
Obregon, Nickolas Urano, Gus Chan, Shin Park,  Alejandro Gonzalez




About MAD
MAD works in forward looking environments, developing futuristic architecture based on
contemporary interpretation of the eastern spirit of nature. All of MAD’s projects - from
residential complexes, the workplace to museums and cultural centers - desire to
protect a sense of community and orientation toward nature, offering people the
freedom to develop their own experience. Founded in 2004 by Ma Yansong, the office
gained international attention in 2006 when it was commissioned to design two
residential towers near Toronto, Canada, which will be completed by the end of 2012.
Other ongoing residential projects by MAD are located in Nanjing, Beihai and Harbin,
China, Rome, Italy and Paris, France.

MAD 在不断的寻求一条与环境共存的道路,以东方的自然体验为基础诠释着未来主义建
筑。MAD 所有的项目,不论是住宅、办公楼还是文化中心,都在始终秉承着维护和谐的公
超高层住宅的国际竞赛里中标,这个项目预期将在2012年夏天圆满落成。MAD 其他正在


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