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瑞典艺术家Gunilla Klingberg把对日常消费和东方神秘图案的探索相结合。她用超市,
宙,生死循环。如同曼荼罗一样,Gunilla Klingberg的这个” Wheel of Everyday Life”以
Gunilla Klingberg认为需要重视充斥在我们日常生活购物与餐饮中的图形符号。艺术家
访客可以对图像进行修补观察,也可以对图像进行整体欣赏。Gunilla Klingberg解释
这个展览目前在Rice Gallery举行,2012年3月17日结束。
非常感谢Gunilla Klingberg将项目介绍和项目图片授权gooood发行。
Appreciation towards Gunilla Klingberg for providing the following description:
Gunilla Klingberg
Wheel of Everyday Life
31 January – 17 March 2013
In her work, Swedish artist Gunilla Klingberg explores her interests in everyday
consumerism and forms of Eastern spirituality. To do this she covers architectural
spaces with ornate, repetitive patterns that she creates by transforming supermarket,
fast food, big box store, and common household product logos. She incorporates these
into large-scale, circular patterns that resemble sacred mandalas. Mandalas are
cosmological diagrams that symbolically represent the universe and its cycles of life,
death, and rebirth. As with a mandala, Klingberg’s Wheel of Everyday Life begins at a
central point and expands outward as if it could continue to infinity.
Klingberg asks whether it is possible to turn even our mundane habits into something
spiritual. She takes a fresh look at the graphic symbols that are the visual equivalent of
white noise pervading our daily routines of shopping and eating. She identifies those
logos that stand out either for their graphic qualities or because their names imply a
heightened mental state. For instance, the rainbow-topped word TODAY that is the
logo for NBC’s TODAY Show hints at an uplifting present. Life, Mother’s, and Fiesta,
each convey a greater feeling beyond their function. A ring of Fiesta grocery store
logos, known well to Houstonians, looks surprisingly like Arabic calligraphy, while
interconnected Whataburger logos become a band of vibrating lines. Through
Klingberg’s subtle adjustments, re-combinations, and repetition, the familiar takes on
new meaning.
Gallery visitors can walk along the concentric paths to view familiar details or stand
back to observe the image as a whole. As Klingberg explains, “My intention is to make
a work for Rice Gallery that invades the space in an almost viral way. The symbols and
patterns in this mandala transform into an image of how our daily rhythm of
commonplace doings blends with advertising and enters deep into our lives, homes,
and minds. The logos are a link between our public and private spheres, maybe even to
the collective unconscious.”
Gunilla Klingberg, Wheel of Everyday Life, 2013
Commission, Rice University Art Gallery, Houston, Texas
Photo: Nash Baker © nashbaker.com

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  1. 看了这个,我觉得我有空间密集症了

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