Aerial views of Fish Farms By Bernhard Lang

Capturing the beauty of labor.

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来自 Bernhard Lang 对gooood的分享。 更多关于他:Bernhard Lang on gooood. Appreciation towards Bernhard Lang for providing the following description:

德国摄影师 Bernhard Lang 最近在直升机向下俯拍了一组养鱼场照片。照片中大大小小的卵形渔场分别养殖着不同种类的海产品。这组航拍作品向人展示了希腊渔业的繁荣发展,也歌颂了劳动之美。

German photographer Bernhard Lang has photographed groups of circular fish farms of the coast of Greece which are looks like spawns in the sea. Each were breed different aquatic organism. Flying in a helicopter high above, gives Lang a special view of the farm. These photographs captured the Greek fishery industry as well as the beauty of labor.








More: Bernhard Lang   更多关于他:Bernhard Lang on gooood

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