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非常感谢 ACME 将项目介绍和项目图片授权gooood发行。
Appreciation towards ACME for providing the following description:

ACME 被委任在墨尔本设计一个新的城市广场,一个雕塑性的空间连接 Shard 商场的入口、图书馆、市民中心、David Jones 百货公司和一个多层停车场。新的空间采用了经典的城市广场设计手法,将城郊的文脉纳入设计师的考量。1960年代内向性的城市规划已经被现在外向型的空间取代,设计师试图用一系列公共空间创造可以被市民的区域焦点。

ACME was appointed to design a new town square, a sculptural entrance to the mall (the Shard), a library and civic centre, the David Jones department store, and a Multi-story carpark. The new centre adopts the classical idea of the town square or piazza and rethinks it within a suburban context. An inward-looking 1960’s masterplan has been inverted, creating a series of public spaces to give the entire area an exterior and civic focus.

▼ 外向性的城市广场,the public spaces create a civic focus and landmarks


A new sequence of spaces form a new public heart for Ringwood and Maroondah showing that high quality architectural design can create a more dignified human environment where commercial gain can coexist happily alongside civic gain and create real public spaces and facilities for the local community.

▼ Shard 商场的入口,entrance to the Shard Mall

▼ 广场上的图书馆,the Realm Library


Realm, Maroondah City’s new library, cultural, knowledge and innovation centre is located at the entrance to the town square to form a civic landmark for the entire development. Conceived as a shaded box of books and digital information, the library’s more solid upper section appears to float above a glass box beneath that houses public functions including a café, art gallery and citizen advice centre, engaging with and opening towards the public realm by stepping towards street and square.

▼ 图书馆的设计成为城市广场中的地标,the library is the landmark of the piazza

现代的设计语言用于整合多样化的功能,创造连贯的视觉感受。图书馆,城市广场,Shard 商场和 David Jones 百货的设计是一个整体,通过色调的梯度变化、交叉网格的结构、统一的材质相联系。现代的建筑物外形呼应了当地的风貌,并作为一处地标吸引来往于火车站的行人。

Contemporary design is used to frame a variety of functions and spaces in a cohesive visual language. The design of the library, town square, Shard and the David Jones store are of one family, united by a gradient shift of tones, a diagrid structural motif and shared material palettes. The contemporary buildings respond to the local topography and act as a signpost from the road while also drawing people to and from the train station.

▼ 图书馆的外表皮,the surface of the facade

广场中央的 Shard 入口定义了整个空间,入口从地面上升起,起伏的屋顶在玻璃底座上翱翔。它具有双重功能:光线可以进入下层的中庭,游客被引入城市广场。作为从大街进入商场的通道,碎片的外形确保所有的人都会被吸引入商场。这个简约的设计成为广场中心的主要通道,大胆、现代的手法重新定义了老旧的商场。

The square is defined by the Shard, which rises out of the ground with an undulating roof soaring over a transparent glass base. It serves a dual function as light is pulled into the atrium below, while visitors are drawn upwards to access the town square. The form of the Shard ensures that there is no part which ‘turns its back’ to the square acting as a gateway into the mall from Maroondah high street. This small intervention has become a main thoroughfare in and out of the centre and characterises the bold, contemporary reimagining of the old mall.

▼ 广场中央的百货商店入口,the square is defined by the Shard

▼ 从入口进入购物空间,the entrance leads to the lower ground level


The grand carved solid stone portals and bronzed metal shop-front of the surrounding retail maintain a consistent palette throughout, ensuring the space has a dignified uniformity. The new town square and surrounding retail spaces accommodate and support a range of public functions, such as market stalls, outdoor concerts, and screenings while strengthening the sense of identity and offering a civic space for the community of Ringwood.

▼ 零售区的视觉体验,the visual experience of the retail area

城市广场的铺装使用了不同尺度的拼接方法,从开放空间到较小区域的渐变暗示了人流的移动。材质上尽可能使用了当地的 Bluestone 石材。 ACME 与客户密切合作,创造出一个融入植被的硬质景观空间。

The patterned floor of The Town Square is used at varying scales to transition from large open spaces to smaller areas allowing for the movement of people and uses local Bluestone wherever possible. ACME worked closely with their client to create a mix of hard and landscaped areas that bring the intense vegetation of the Yarra Valley into the space.

▼ 广场上的铺装,the patterned floor of the Town Square

▼ 空间中铺装的变化暗示了人流的密度,the varying scales implying the density of flows

▼ 平面,Plan

▼ 剖面,Section

Project size: 6000 sq.m.
Completion date: 2016
Building levels: 3

Project team:
Architetcural Design: ACME
Interior – Mall: Softroom, Universal Design Studio
Documentation & Interior – Realm: The Buchan Group

More: ACME.


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  1. 地面铺装和建筑立面(比如商业街立柱形式语言)很统一

  2. 这个铺装很有意思。

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