Colorful future-for the National Art Center, Tokyo 10th Anniversary exhibition "Forest of Numbers" by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Wondering through the colourful forest of numbers.

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来自 Emmanuelle Moureaux 对gooood的分享。更多关于他们:Emmanuelle Moureaux on gooood Appreciation towards Emmanuelle Moureaux for providing the following description:


The National Art Center, Tokyo has celebrated its 10th Anniversary in January. As a commemoration, it presented the museum activities of the past ten years in the Special Exhibition Gallery room, which was superimposed with a large installation "Forest of Numbers" – the symbolization of the next 10 years to come. Used without any partition walls for the first time, the 2000 square meter White Cube exhibition room became a canvas of the installation, filled with "100 colors", inspiration and emotion, which became the largest installation of Emmanuelle’s work.

▼ 装置中间供穿越的路径,A path that cut through the installation


▼ 装置由10层组成,The installation was composed of 10 layers



The installation "Forest of Numbers" visualized the decade of the future from 2017 to 2026, created a sense of stillness across the large exhibition space. More than 60,000 pieces of suspended numeral figures from 0 to 9 were regularly aligned in three dimensional grids. A section was removed, created a path that cut through the installation, invited visitors to wonder inside the colorful forest filled with numbers. The installation was composed of 10 layers which is the representation of 10 years time. Each layer employed 4 digits to express the relevant year such as 2, 0, 1, and 7 for 2017, which were randomly positioned on the grids. As part of Emmanuelle’s "100 colors" installation series, the layers of time were colored in 100 shades of colors, created a colorful time travel through the forest.

▼ 参观者漫步于色彩缤纷的数字森林之中,Visitors to wonder inside the colorful forest filled with numbers


▼ 整个装置在巨大的展厅中创造出一种静谧之感,The installation created a sense of stillness across the large exhibition space




Inside the colorful forest, two girls and one cat were lost inside, added playfulness to the installation. In concert with the installation, the compilation of exhibition posters from the last ten years filled the wall on the right, and the opposite wall across the room simply expressed the next ten years with white numbers. Because photography was exceptionally allowed, the installation has spread through various social networks, increasing number of visitors. This installation was created with the cooperation of 300 volunteers, excited the attention of over 20,000 visitors in10 days.

▼ 每一层都由4个数字随机排布于网格,Each layer employed 4 digits which were randomly positioned on the grids




09-数字森林   10-数字森林

Design : emmanuelle moureaux
Photograph : Daisuke Shima
Project outline
Installation title : Forest of Numbers
Materials : Paper, thread
Exhibition title : "NACT Colors" – National Art Center, Tokyo's activities
Venue : The National Art Center, Tokyo / Special Exhibition Gallery 1E
Date : January 20 (Fri) – 30 (Mon), 2017 / Closed on January 24 (Tue)
Open Hours : 10:00-18:00 , Fridays and Saturdays until 20:00 / Admission free

MORE: Emmanuelle Moureaux。更多关于他们:Emmanuelle Moureaux on gooood

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  1. 都是钱,不过颜色排得蛮好的

  2. 这是数字是什么材料? 又是用什么方式给固定的呢?

  3. 第一反应是算日照。。。。

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