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The name “Gambler” brings to mind the playful attitude. Willing to reinforce the brand, we have constructed two apparently different but complementary projects; one inside the other. Each one attends specifically to its own functional requirements and manages its own aesthetics. 



First comes the Gambler Brewery, which dominates the street view. Seen from afar, it is a neat and bright space that is recognized as “Backstage”. It is used as the brand´s Reference Frame: it reminds the customers in the background how handcrafted the beer in Gambler is. Second, appears the Gambler Store inside the distillery. It has been masked as a Filming Set evoking a General Store of last mid-century. The client happens to be the actor of his own Gambler experience. It immerses itself as a film in a world created purely and exclusively for him.

▼店铺外观,the external view of the store


Our goal was to evoke the values of the old supply stores, where customer felt those places as a natural extension of their own home. Within the Atelier we have seek to find and reinterpret those deep-rooted and wise elements in order to improve sellers approach. In Gambler the experience of the purchase had to return to be a space of enjoyment in itself. Vintage department- and general stores kept the answers. We have mainly readjusted 3 key elements from the old typologies:

▼入口近景,a shot of the entrance


室内尺度 | The domestic scale


We worked hard on the scale within the set, in order that the customer would feel immediately at home and in confidence. We made use of an integral modulation of each and every architectural element, so that the client could, in a subconscious level, quickly recognize and appropriate the surrounding measures. In addition, we worked with materials that have lots of visual information to emphasize a phenomenological sense of cabbage.

▼室内空间,internal view


直观陈列 | The intuitive display


Customers should be guided through the brewing world. In that matter, it is essential to avoid a growing distancing between consumer and the product. The important thing was always that beer, bottles, and everything necessary for the purchase, was within the reach of the consumer. We work the displays in a synthetic way in order to avoid distraction. Every product has its place. Each information piece is located according to the customer’s vision. The goal is to give that feeling of understanding a space, of understanding the product.

▼商品存放在属于自己的位置,every product has its place


柜台 | The Gambler Counter


We designed a counter that is thinner than usual intending to tighten the customer-seller link. We chose a cork surface, where samples are served, and bottles are filled. The counter is the element where the most important exchange occurs, the moment of greater sensorial content.

▼设计示意图,design diagram


We designed a modular structure built with fine iron sheets, which frames the different materials: toned pine wood as panels, copper sheets covering walls and vaults, and cork sheets. The materials with its colours and textures create the mood of the store. Each of these materials has been chosen for its sensory – phenomenological qualities – and brand reinforcement: The wood, toned in the institutional Gambler Green, manages to emphasize natural veins and provides spatial quality as well as sound absorption. The cork, brings warmth not only because of its colour, but also through its visual texture and touch. The counter is the materialization of the exchange happening inside the store. The cork provides a surface where the objects when leaning, do not make noise. This improves the general sound environment of the space. Copper, provides seductive reflective surfaces that, with support of a controlled lighting, generates luxury and, in turn, warmth.

▼铜质墙板显出奢华与热情,copper generates luxury and warmth

▼松木和软木带来自然脉络与温柔质感,the wood and cork bring natural viens and softness

970sqf – Retail shop
Project + Project Management + Branding and
graphic application + Clothing Design

More: Carbono Atelier.更多关于他们:Carbono Atelier on gooood


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