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非常感谢 h0nh1m 予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciation towards h0nh1m for providing the following description:

该作品是由新媒体/声音艺术家h0nh1m(Chris Cheung)和国际获奖获得者COLLECTIVE建筑设计工作室合作完成的互动式装置,该装置将多种乐器合并到一起,对它们的形式、视觉效果和互动体验进行了重新诠释。(注:h0nh1m曾带领他的工作室XEX创作了Prismverse)。

The latest interactive installation by h0nh1m (Chris Cheung), a new media / sound artist (previously led his studio XEX to create Prismverse) and COLLECTIVE, an international award winning architecture design studio, is an reinterpretation of various musical instruments juxtapose with each other in its form, visual feedback and interactive engagement.

▼触觉乐器概览,view Haptic Organ from a distance


‘Haptic’ originates from the greek word ‘haptikos’: any sort of information received through touch is haptic, as it appears in this installation, it is based on kinesthetic (expressing force or position) communication, in which the motion of the hand initiates visual displays and sound variations, thus allowing audiences to receive familiar feedbacks to learn how to operate the installation as an instrument.

▼多种乐器合并后的重新诠释,an reinterpretation of various musical instruments juxtaposing together


The creative duo COLLECTIVE and h0nh1m designed Haptic Organ with an intention to make music tangible, visible, sharable among each other to encourage group interactive moments in celebration of the Christmas season.

这是一个4米高的螺旋式乐器,上面附有可识别的弦乐元素。这件乐器是通过在非接触式触觉界面上挥动手势,来调节音符的,它像管风琴一样,每20跟透明管状物缠绕在一个螺旋物上,每个透明管状物内都装有一个金属球,通过挥动手势带动的空气运动可以使在管内的金属球上下运动; 操作者可以看到金属球的运动,并可以通过八个传感器随意调整即兴创作的音乐。另外的弦乐,木管乐器,竖琴和雪橇铃的音调也是通过在触觉界面上方上下挥动手势来控制音量的。

It is in the form of a 4-meter tall spiraling instrument with the recognizable elements of the strings; music notes are prompted with the aid of the non-contact haptic interface that detects hands movement in the air, while each of the 20 transparent tubes, like a pipe organ, wrap round the spiral, each encased with a metallic ball which rises up and down, dancing inside the tube through initiated air movement by hand motion; users received the visual feedback of dancing balls and can freely improvise his or her music with the aid of eight sensors giving eight notes across an octave, in addition to four that gives tones of musical instruments like strings, woodwinds, harps and sleigh bells, with volume controllable with ascending and descending movements of the hands over the haptic interfaces.

▼演奏过程,Playing process


h0nh1m creates the music as a blessing for joy and peace in the Christmas season. Borrowing the melody of ‘Happy Xmas (War is Over)’ written by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, it was a work of peace activism, looking towards for peace, equality, the end of wars and discrimination.

▼该触觉乐器细节,details of Haptic Organ

视频 video:


Team: Betty Ng, Katja Lam, Ray Lau, Wingyi So

h0nh1m (Chris Cheung)
Team: Chris Cheung, Jason Lam, Man Kit Leung

More: h0nh1m


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