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阿美利加诺酒店是Grupo Habita集团在美国的第一份资产,酒店位于曼哈顿切尔西社区的中心,临近处有世界上最好的艺廊和纽约著名的高线公园。作为Grupo Habita集团扩大项目的一部分,这个集团包括芝加哥的The Robey 和The Hollander 以及12个遍及墨西哥的著名酒店:Azúcar, Boca Chica, CONDESAdf, Deseo, Distrito Capital, Downtown Mexico,downtown Beds,Endémico,Habita Hotel,Habita MTY,La Purificadora,and Maison Couturier. 阿美利加酒店丰富的拉丁文化产生了各种国际化的影响。其十层的酒店建筑由获奖墨西哥建筑设计师Enrique Norten设计。一个镶嵌在金属网面里的封闭玻璃构造,让周围感受到它工业式的美感。酒店外部封闭的玻璃升降梯带客人穿梭在街道入口,饭店及顶层平台的多种空间中。居住房间有法国设计师Arnaud Montigny主持设计,其在Parisian boutique Colette日式旅馆设计中的选材和光的运用非常经典。质量与工艺的把控结合中世纪的经典设计,令人充满热情的拉丁文化,以及最先进的技术给客人提供一个远离城市喧嚣的平静空间。

Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood alongside the world’s best art galleries and New York’s famed High Line Park, Hôtel Americano is Grupo Habita’s first property in the US and part of an expanding collection that now includes The Robey and The Hollander in Chicago and twelve celebrated hotels throughout Mexico: Azúcar, Boca Chica, CONDESAdf, Deseo, Distrito Capital, Downtown Mexico, Downtown Beds, Endémico, Habita Hotel,Habita MTY,La Purificadora,and Maison Couturier。Hôtel Americano reflects the spirit of Latin culture while encompassing a variety of international influences. The 10-story building,designed by award winning Mexican architect Enrique Norten,is a glass structure encased in a metal mesh facade that captures the industrial feel of the surrounding neighborhood.Along the exterior, a glass-enclosed elevator shuttles guests between the street-level restaurant and rooftop terrance. The rooms,designed by France designer Arnaud Montigny known for his work at parisian boutique Colette,suggest an urban ryokan with wooden platform beds, warm lighting and natural materials.Quality craftsmanship combined with midcentury design classics,custom amenities and advanced technology provides guests a serene space in which to retreat from the bustle of city life outside.

▼金属网面里的封闭玻璃构造,a glass structure encased in a metal mesh facade

001-Hôtel Americano

▼露台餐厅有绝佳的视野,nice view from the roof terrance

003-Hôtel Americano

007-Hôtel Americano

▼露台烧烤区极具拉丁风情,the grill space

006-Hôtel Americano

▼露台泳池,the swimming pool

004-Hôtel Americano

005-Hôtel Americano

▼天台酒吧色调简单,the lobby bar

009-Hôtel Americano

▼酒店内部酒吧,the bar

010-Hôtel Americano

▼美式奢华酒吧,the american bar

011-Hôtel Americano

▼酒店的私人空间,the private space

008-Hôtel Americano

▼餐厅设计色彩鲜明,座椅舒适,vivid color and soft seats

013-Hôtel Americano

012-Hôtel Americano

▼私密性良好的卧室空间设计,good privacy design

015-Hôtel Americano

▼酒店居住空间设计,design of the living space

014-Hôtel Americano

Owner: Grupo Habita
Opening Date: September 2011
Rates: $275 – $550 USD
Architecture: Enrique Norten, TEN Arquitectos (Mexico City/New York)
Interior design: MCH Arnaud Montigny, Paris – Arnaud Montigny, Gianni Lavacchini

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