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来自 Mecanoo 对gooood的分享。Appreciation towards Mecanoo for providing the following description.


The working and learning environment of the future

Mecanoo architecten 与 Gispen合作探索未来多活动同时发生的工作与学习空间。空间需要多样化、个性化以及可以容纳多种活动,同时还要具有创造性、创新性以及身份认同性,可以供人们在此交流想法以及互相启发,这些是创造空间的核心思想。

Mecanoo architecten and Gispen are collaborating to explore the working and learning environment of the future, spaces that accommodate multiple activities simultaneously, without becoming generic. Diversity, personalisation and addressing the specific aims of different activities are central to creating environments where creativity, innovation and identity flourish, and where people can exchange ideas and inspire one another.

▼HUBB创造多样化的办公与学习环境, HUBB creates diverse work and education environments

004-HUBB modular interior concept

003-HUBB modular interior concept


A modular furniture concept


HUBB responds to the rapid developments and changes within work and education environments, by facilitating different types of activities within existing contexts. With a seemingly simple core form, HUBB comprises a series of building blocks that enables endless combinations. This offers the flexibility for customisation, plus the ease and quality of a proven system. And if the spatial requirements change, the building blocks can be easily reused by adapting or expanding the configuration. A set of chairs used for a collaborative setting can be transformed into a hub for concentrated working with the addition of a roof element. Or they become a bench when joined together. For every context there’s a fitting combination that responds to the unique format of working or learning.

▼HUBB可以应对不断变化的工作与教育环境, HUBB responds to the rapid developments and changes within work and education environments

002-HUBB modular interior concept

001-HUBB modular interior concept

006-HUBB modular interior concept


Circular production


With its modularity and standardised components, as well as the use of responsibly sourced timber and recyclable materials like PET and steel, HUBB is a highly sustainable solution. The series has been designed and engineered for manufacturing according to the principles of the circular economy. Every component is fully (de)mountable and reusable. HUBB is a timeless solution that will last for years to come.

▼ HUBB是一个高效的具有可持续性的解决方案,使用可靠来源的木材以及PET、钢等可回收的材料,HUBB is a highly sustainable solution, with  the use of responsibly sourced timber and recyclable materials like PET and steel

005-HUBB modular interior concept

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▼HUBB可以适应不同类型的活动, HUBB can facilitate different types of activities within existing contexts

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One space, three zones


The ideal working and learning environment offers zones for focused activity, collaboration and socialising, each characterised by different activities. Utilising the modular HUBB furniture concept, different zones flow seamlessly into each other, accumulating in a landscape that has the flexibility to be tailored to what’s required at that moment. The diverse zones can be integrated in a single space where all users can find a space that suits their desired activity.

▼ HUBB的每一个构件都是可拆卸安装,可循环利用,Every component is fully (de)mountable and reusable

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15 verschilliende leeromgevingen

Project data: modular furniture series with seating elements, table elements, canopy elements, and add-ons and add-in-betweens; produced from steel, responsibly sourced timber, recycled PET material, with clicks and screws instead of glue
Designer: Mecanoo and Gispen
Design: 2015-2016
Realisation: in production since 2016
photographer: Mecanoo architecten, Chris van Coeverden



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