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关于PADW | About PADW

PELLEGRINO & ASSOCIATES DESIGN WORKSHOP(以下简称PADW)于1989年创立于法国南特,是一家法国注册的建筑设计事务所,其高效专业的团队曾负责过法国,中国,西班牙,英国及非洲等多个国家的项目。




PELLEGRINO & ASSOCIATES DESIGN WORKSHOP(here in after referred to as PADW) was founded in 1989 in Nantes, France, is a French registered architectural design firm, it’s high professional team has been in charge of projects like in France, China, Spain, Britain and many countries in Africa.

The main design work of the company is concentrated in the field of medical architecture, and involves many fields, such as commercial, residential, cultural buildings and urban design. PADW has great contribution to the research on the design theory of green energy-saving building, built in 2011 Ancenis students and youth apartment won the 2012 French Best Green Building Award, and in the same year as collections of Paris Museum of architecture project.

With the innovation spirit of research, PADW in each project inside it and emphasized the collaborative design of users, starting from the actual situation of the project, combining the current design philosophy, and with it’s broad horizontal expert advisory team, provide suggestions and solutions tailored to the most professional and most suitable for customers.

Today, PADW business has been officially extended to China, it’s subsidiary named Pellegrino Construction Design Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., is an important strong hold of PADW in the Asia Pacific region. It’s purpose to share the medical treatment, rehabilitation and pension building and other aspects of professional and technical experiences to China, at the same time, PADW and his team of experts also actively develop the sports project, is currently in the planning and design work for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is part of the venue facilities.


项目展示 | Projects



▽ GUILLOUX寄宿学校,法国雷恩

GUILLOUX寄宿学校,法国雷恩 副本

▽ LA BAULE ILOT 9 综合区规划及建筑设计,法国南特

LA BAULE ILOT 9 综合区规划及建筑设计,法国南特





▽ 广州市第十二人民医院,中国广州


▽ 广东省国土资源档案馆,中国广州


▽ 湘潭晨辉怡居护理院,中国湘潭



招贤纳士 | Job vacancy

O 项目建筑师 Architect

1. 建筑学相关专业本科或以上学历,专业知识和创作能力优秀;
2. 5年以上工作经验,对项目流程有完整、清晰的认识,了解国家及地方建筑规范,具有独立完成项目的能力;
3. 有较强的沟通、协调与组织能力,能团结和引导团队完成设计任务;
4. 熟练使用制图及项目管理等相关软件;
5. 有医疗建筑或体育建筑设计经验者优先;
6. 熟练掌握法语者优先。

1. Possess a Bachelor’s or higher degree in architecture or relevant major, and possess very strong professional knowledge and design abilities;
2. 5 years of professional practice, have a complete and clear understanding of the project process, understand the national and local building codes, the ability to independently complete the project;
3. Have strong communication, coordination and organization ability, can unite and guide the team to complete the design task;
4. Proficient in drawing and project management software;
5. Experience in medical or sports building design will be preferred as well as preference to those who are fluent in the French language.

O 助理建筑师 Assistant Architect

1. 建筑学相关专业本科或以上学历, 有良好的设计潜能和形式感觉;
2. 1-2年工作经验;
3. 具备严谨的工作态度和饱满的建筑热情,热爱建筑设计及方案创作,具有较好的理解力和沟通能力,具备较强的执行力;
4. 具有良好的建筑理论素养,和良好的建筑表现及表达能力;
5. 具有较强的团队合作精神,能够配合快速的工作节奏;
6. 具有一定的独立设计能力及深化设计能力和了解本专业规范和标准;
7. 熟练使用设计及制图等相关电脑软件。

1. Possess a Bachelor’s or higher degree in architecture or relevant major;
2. Good design potential and sense of form;
3. Have a strict working attitude and full ofenthusiasm for architecture, love of architectural design and program creation,with good understanding and communication skills, with strong execution;
4. Have a good theory of building quality, and good performance and expression of the building;
5. Strong team work spirit, able to work quickly;
6. Have the ability of independent design and deepen the design and understanding of the professional standards and standards;
7. Proficient in drawing and project management software.

O 商务助理 Business Assistant

1. 熟练掌握中法双语;
2. 具有良好的人际关系处理能力,性格开朗、积极、乐观,做事细心,谨慎;
3. 具有良好的团队合作精神;
4. 能独立负责自媒体宣传工作;
5. 具有较强的独立处理问题的能力;
6. 熟练掌握Word,Excel,Powerpoint,Indesign等办公软件;
7. 对文化及建筑有一定的了解和兴趣;
8. 有医疗方面经验优先。

1. Proficiency in Chinese and French;
2. Have good interpersonal skills, personality, cheerful, positive, optimistic, careful, cautious;
3. Good team work spirit;
4. Be able to work independently in We-Media.
5. Strong ability to deal with problems independently;
6. Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Indesign and other office software;
7. Have a good understanding of culture and architecture;
8. Medical experience is preferred.

O 建筑学实习生 Trainee in Architecture

1. 大学四年级以上的建筑学专业在读学生,男女不限;
2. 热爱设计、思路清晰,善于沟通和学习,领悟能力强;
3. 具有良好的团队合作精神;
4. 性格踏实肯干,责任心强,能承受一定的工作压力;
5. 熟练使用设计及制图等相关电脑软件;
6. 需保证充足的全职实习期2个月或以上。

1. Bachelor degree or above, the students majoring in architecture, men and women are not limited;
2. Passion for design, clear thinking, good communication and learning ability;
3. Good team work spirit;
4. Solid and work-hard, strong sense of responsibility, able to work under pressure;
5. Proficient in drawing and project management software;
6. Full time internship is required for 2 months or more.

如果您对我们感兴趣,请将应聘职位、个人简历及作品集发送至公司邮箱:padw@pa-dw.com 或致电王小姐:021-6605 8668

If you are interested in us, please apply for the position, resume and works to the company email: padw@pa-dw.com or calling Miss Wang: 021-6605 8668




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