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非常感谢 Evan Fay 予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciation towards Evan Fay for providing the following description.

这把 Lawless 椅子的设计是为了表达设计师对不规则范式的追求,项目的关键在于用艺术的形式反映出我们社会架构中混乱的一面。设计师通过椅子中的朋克风格美学来反思和表达对环境恶化和社会困境的态度。在反乌托邦的语境中找到真实的存在,平衡混乱与美丽、舒适的感受。创造一个对立却互补的现实空间,拥抱新的设计表达。

Lawless Chair is a celebration of irregularity within a system, pursuing a more critical and artful form that responds to the chaotic landscape within our structured society. The punk aesthetic within the chair conceptually furnishes a poetic moment to reflect and express through design, an attitude towards our hectically evolving environments and contemporary dilemmas. Taking ownership of truthful possessions, finding comfort in dystopia, and beauty in chaos may be a confronting reality, and opportunity to embrace new expressions in design.

▼ 无序之椅,Lawless Chair

▼ 设计师通过形态的把控反映了社会架构中混乱的一面,the design responds to the chaotic landscape within our structured society

▼无序长凳,Lawless Bench

▼ 草图,Sketches

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  3. 好棒 这是不是叫“异形”家具?满足正常功能,又带来全新的感受。

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