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阳光下的森林—Les DaDa East美发沙龙


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非常感谢 Joshua Florquin Architect 将项目介绍和项目图片授权gooood发行。
Appreciation towards Joshua Florquin Architect for providing the following description:

Les Dada East坐落在巴黎中心的巴士底狱广场附近,是一家美发造型沙龙。创始人Edoardo Seghi拓展了沙龙的功能,在经营其原本业务的同时承办艺术展、开幕式,为这些文化活动提供独家的氛围和服务。Joshua Florquin Architect事务所受Edoardo委托,为他在巴黎的第二家沙龙打造新的室内空间概念。新沙龙的内部空间呈六边形,位于一栋20世纪早期建筑的一角,门前就是十字路口,不远处还有一个小花园。

Les Dada East is a hair & styling salon located near Bastille in the heart of Paris. Its founder, Edoardo Seghi has created a salon that offers more than haircuts. It also hosts cultural events such as art expositions and openings. He offers an atypical atmosphere and exclusive service. Edoardo commissioned Joshua Florquin Architect to create a new interior concept and design for his 2nd salon in Paris.

The six-sided surface of the salon is located on a corner of a Haussmanian early 20th century building with three large windows that reveal a street intersection and a beautiful adjacent herb garden.

▽ 外观 Facade

001-Les Dada East by Joshua Florquin Architect

002-Les Dada East by Joshua Florquin Architect   003-Les Dada East by Joshua Florquin Architect

由对自然的热爱出发,Les Dada East 沙龙的空间设计的概念定为阳光下的森林。天花由六边形的桦木板错落拼接,如若蜂巢,灯光内置其中,营造出细碎的光影变化,仿佛阳光穿过树叶洒落在地面。桦木贴面的结构柱则代表着树干。

Les Dada East uses the nature inspired cosmetic brand Davines. This leading concept continues in the interior, which represents a forest on a sunny day. You enjoy your haircut, surrounded by the trees and the natural light that flickers through the leaves. This environment is created by a three-layered birch plywood hexagonal ceiling with integrated lighting, which represents the piercing sunbeams. This hexagonal overlapping grid reminds us of the alveolar pattern bees make while making honey. The structural pillars, coated with birch plywood, represent the tree trunks.

▽ 理发区 The Cutting Area

005-Les Dada East by Joshua Florquin Architect

007-Les Dada East by Joshua Florquin Architect   004-Les Dada East by Joshua Florquin Architect

▽ 六边形天花板 Hexagonal Ceiling

009-Les Dada East by Joshua Florquin Architect   010-Les Dada East by Joshua Florquin Architect


A mirror wall opposite the windows visually doubles the space. It also reflects the ceiling and the city, with its typical Parisian yellow sandstone. And most importantly, it offers a visual continuation of the adjacent herbal garden into the salon.

▽ 镜面墙体 Mirror Wall

011-Les Dada East by Joshua Florquin Architect


The concept is being continued to the exterior, as the mirror offers the passers a beautiful reflection of the ceiling. The facade is painted indigo black, in order to create a contrast with the birch forest ceiling and its custom furniture elements in the interior.

▽ 室内外对比 Contrast with interior and exterior

012-Les Dada East by Joshua Florquin Architect

008-Les Dada East by Joshua Florquin Architect


The salon is divided into three areas. The entrance with register and waiting area is visually separated from the coloring area with washing stands and massage chairs. The cutting area is located in front of the mirror walls, hence opposite the windows.

▽ 接待等候区,清洗按摩区与剪发造型区 Three Areas

013-Les Dada East by Joshua Florquin Architect

▽ 接待等候区 Register and Waiting Area

015-Les Dada East by Joshua Florquin Architect   014-Les Dada East by Joshua Florquin Architect


This overall concept offers the opportunity to get a haircut in a relaxing environment, inspired by the beauty of nature.

▽ 家具细部设计 Detailed Design of Furniture

017-Les Dada East by Joshua Florquin Architect   018-Les Dada East by Joshua Florquin Architect

▽ 线图 Line Drawings










Program: concept and interior design of a hair & styling salon
Location: 52 rue Trousseau 75011 Paris
Date: December 2015
Client: Edoardo Seghi – Les Dada East
Architect: Joshua Florquin Architect
Photography: Matteo Rossi

Drawings: Joshua Florquin Architect
English Text: Joshua Florquin Architect
Chinese Text: gooood

MORE: Joshua Florquin Architect


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