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如何在污染严重、嘈杂而又拥挤的城市中辟一片绿洲?项目的业主为一对兄弟,他们分别为药剂师和兽医。原本他们分开居住,有各自的诊所。出于经济考虑,他们决定在Surat Thani的中心区域购买一块狭长的土地,建造共同的居所。为了满足业主的需求,建筑师要设计一座将生活和工作统一在一起的多功能建筑。

How could we transform the middle of pollution, noise and messy context to be a home? Two siblings with backgrounds in pharmacist and veterinarian, who once lived apart and had one own clinic, decided to buy a narrow land in a heart of Surat Thani for living together and commercialized purpose. The requirements had led to the Multi-Place – a place to live and to work harmoniously.

▼ 轻盈的建筑外观,airy appearance of the building


The Complex Conditions


This project was developed under such labyrinthine conditions. From the aspect of the clients, the buildings need to be able to live and work. The architects maximized the limited space of 480 square-meter land to support the clients’ businesses, including pharmacy, veterinary clinic, pets shop, hostel, cafe and rental meeting rooms. Also, the separated residential areas for two families needed to portray a detached house-like feeling to this mix use buildings. Besides, due to its site that sat along the main road, other issues which needed to be concerned are the legal restriction of buildings as well as dust and noise pollution.

▼ 错杂城市中的建筑,building in the complicated context

▼ 建筑空间图解,通过幕墙和公共空间与外界分隔,exploded isometric diagram, using screening and open space to escape from the busy environment


暴露,隐藏和空气感 – 形式丰富的混凝土砌块幕墙
Reveal, Conceal and Airy — The Multiple Patterned Concrete Screen Blocks


Step by step, the architects were working on numerous potential solutions under the complex conditions, and then synthesized into the best solutions. Started with the legal restriction which a length of the building could not be over 20 meters, the architects divided the architecture up into two buildings; front building and rear building. The split area was converted into a peaceful garden in which brought a natural sunlight into the massive architecture and acted as a natural boundary between public area and private area. According to clients’ need which was to separate their residential space from one another, the architects added this garden to be a relaxing linkage between two detached residential spaces. The garden’s walls composed of easy-to-find glass blocks allowed sunlight to shine through creating dynamic shadow effects from the movements behind themselves as well as an airy-like sensation.

▼ 丰富的混凝土砌块立面,两个体块中间由玻璃围合的花园分隔,multi-pattern concrete block screen, glass enclosed garden separates the two volumes

▼ 两栋建筑中的花园成为舒适的交流空间,garden between the volumes becomes a communication space

▼ 花园作为不同生活区域间的过渡空间,garden as relaxing space separating two residential areas


In terms of concealing their own privacy from the prying eyes as well as dust and noise pollution, concrete screen blocks (from the local factory) became the best solution for the facade. Composing the multiple patterned concrete screen blocks together screened the pollution yet allowed air flow smoothly; meanwhile, created privacy for people inside without feeling cramped. Align with the garden design, the lighting from the interior could pass through the combination of the concrete screen blocks meaningfully casting countless shadow effects on the architecture.

▼ 宽敞明亮的商用空间,混凝土砌块形成丰富的光影,spacious and bright commercial area, concrete screen blocks leaving various shadows on the architecture

▼ 兽医诊所,花园增添自然氛围,vet clinic with gardens giving a sense of nature

▼ 围合楼梯间的混凝土砌块墙,其上设有置物用的木块,concrete screen blocks enclosing the stair space, with wooden blocks as shelves

▼ 居住空间的配色更加温馨,混凝土砌块被沿用于分割空间,residential area in warm palette, with concrete screen blocks dividing spaces

▼ 充满自然感的木制书架,wooden shelves enhancing the feel of nature

▼ 不同图案的混凝土砌块,concrete blocks in different patterns

▼ 模型展示体块之间的关系,model showing the relationship between the volumes

Project Name: Multi-Place:
residential and commercial space for Limlanangkul family and Aomsupsin family
Building Type: Mix-use building consisted of residential area for 2 families and commercial spaces (veterinary clinic, pet shop, pharmacy, hostel, cafe and rental meeting rooms)

Area: 1,050 sq.m.

Land Area: 480 sq.m. (120 sq.war)

Owner: Montri Limlanangkul & Apichat Aomsupsin

Location: Surat Thani, Thailand

Duration: 2013-2016

Architect: EKAR

Structural Engineer: Pitsanu Bumroong

Graphic Designer: Kade Khoosuwan

Sanitary Engineer: Suphachai Kong-in

Electrical Engineer: Phongsathorn

Photographer: Chalermwat Wongchompoo

Drawings: EKAR
English text: EKAR
Chinese text: gooood

More: EKAR


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  1. 混凝土砖的实践很棒

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  3. 鬧市中的綠洲,暴露中的隱藏,在建築細節與轉角的體驗都做的很到位,這種沒有浪費的建築非常值得欣賞!

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