Nursing Home by Lankry architectes

This home allows to maintain the link between the resident and his environment

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养老院项目与Simone Veil医院开发项目都是为了加强城市中心的基础设施建设。这个养老院项目不是封闭的项目,居住者可以与他原本的环境、亲属、家庭、朋友等保持联系。养老院拥有绝佳的位置,坐落于Montmorency城市中心。建筑利用其优越的区位,为每一个房间都创造了良好的朝向,向南开敞,坐享巴黎盆地的优美风景的绝佳视野。

The nursing home project accompanies the development of the Simone Veil hospital and reinforces the presence of the facility in the heart of the city. This implementation allows to maintain the link between the resident and his environment, his relatives, his family, his friends… The residence profits from a privileged site in the city center of Montmorency. Well oriented, open to the South and enjoying a sumptuous view of the Paris Basin, the building uses its elevated position to offer this exceptional view for all the occupants.

▼ 建筑的一侧对城市放并且拥有坐享巴黎盆地优美风景的绝佳视野,this implementation opens to the urban streets and enjoys a sumptuous view of the Paris Basin


Spaces are organized around a central core service and a patio that illuminates the heart of the system and makes it more enjoyable . The specificity of the property is enhanced by the attention  paid to the interior spaces, the natural sunlight given to the circulations, the variety of rooms and exclusive luxury that offer living spaces. The architecture has been conceived to link the inside with the outside with the purpose of creating a place open to the city and the wider landscape.

▼ 建筑底层创造出舒适的交流空间,a comfortable communication space around the building

▼ 建筑的中庭与建筑外立面的色彩形成强烈的反差,the facade and the patio with different colors

▼ 室内的细节设计体现出对老年使用者的尊重,the details of interior reflects the respect for the elders

▼ 光线充足舒适的室内空间,interior space full of natural sunlight

Program: Residential care-home for the elderly (90 places)
Client: Groupe Hospitalier Eaubone-Montmorency
Prime contractor: Lankry architectes (architect of record), Artelia Ingenierie + HQE (general engineers + environment), ECRH Economiste (project economy), Alternative Ingenierie Acoustique (acoustical engineers)
Surface: 6 000 m² shon (adjusted gross floor area)
Visuals: Julien Lanoo

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