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来自PKMN Architectures对gooood的分享。这是他们在2015年的新作,一个与数据,科技有关的展览设计。设计师采用四组三米长的金属围栏网,在场地中央组成十字形状,与数据有关的展板,显示器还有构件,电线布线均围绕这个十字布置。这些金属围栏网很有复古的科技味。一个开放的科技数据类展览场所设计。

基于建筑师文本:Ojo al Data是在Medialab-Prado开发、关于数据形象化的项目展。展览区由42’’屏、19’’的显示器组成,能够与不同应用、计算机塔箱、硬盘、图形界面和储存所获数据的各种设备交互的界面。因为代理的多学科特征、混杂多样性,所有这些数据数量均可变,形成展览的一部分。Ojo al Data被保存在模块显示器中,这些显示器由工业元素和模块组成。

Ojo al Data是一个由Medialab-Prado赞助的项目,解决了一个具有重要性的现代现象:今日科学、经济、社会和文化进程中产生的以指数量增长的信息。数据爆炸被利用,以改进城市管理的效率,并在科学研究中取得快速进展,但它也同时就数据安全和控制、个人隐私、基础设施治理和信息获得提出了严峻的问题。







from the architect: Ojo al Data is an exposition of projects developed at the Medialab-Prado about visualization of data. The exposition area was comprised of screens of 42’’, monitors of 19’’, surfaces to be able to interact with the different applications, computer towers, hard drives, surfaces for graphic and a series of various devices for the acquired data. All of them in variable quantities up till the last moment due to the multidisciplinary characteristics, heterogeneous and massive multiplicity of the agents which were part of the exposition. Ojo al Data is resolved in a modular expositor built from industrial elements and modules like the cable transporter fence. From the repetition of these fences which are 3 meters (catalogue length) we built four porches which can be configured in different manners. With the catalogue of accessories of the brand of the fence we found elements to pin up every element used in the expositor. The design impacts the second life of each one of the elements, be it the exposition area and even the work stations with the incorporation of each new element. The fence system is design to transport wiring throughout the whole building and becomes into a modular system of exposition in open code. 

Ojo al Data is a project sponsored by Medialab-Prado that addresses a modern phenomenon of vital importance: the exponential growth in the amount of information generated today by scientific, economic, social and cultural processes. The data explosion is being capitalized on to improve the efficiency of city management and to make strides in scientific research, but it also raises critical questions as to data security and control, individuals’ privacy, infrastructure governance and access to information.

Exhibitions, lectures, workshops, debates, datathons and guided tours will be used to explore diverse issues such as information viewing techniques and methods, data mining, data journalism, collaborative mapping, participatory data collection, access policies, the reuse of information (Open Data, Open Science), institutional and governmental transparency policies, the data economy, data security and network privacy.










Project Name / Nombre del proyecto

Project Authorship / Autores
* PKMN architectures (http://www.pkmn.es)

Collaborators / Colaboradores
* Carol Linares
* Alicia Coronel
* Luis Solís

Promoters / Promotor
* MediaLab Prado Madrid. ( http://medialab-prado.es/ )

Photography and Video / Fotografía y vídeo
* Javier de Paz (www.estudioballoon.es)


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