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Old Stone House is designed for a young couple’s weekend retreat and it sits in a magnificent Hudson Valley 6.6 acre mountain top site.

▼住宅与美景,house and view


As a phase one of the master plan, existing two and a half story, 2,000 sqft house was stripped down to its three masonry walls and foundation, then reduced to a 1,000 sqft single story structure with 300 sqft addition and basement. The client was fond of the existing stone wall commonly built in the region and requested to incorporate it into the new design. New roof and wall wrapping the existing stone structure to create a simple barn form filled with natural light and bringing the outside in became the concept of this house.


▼住宅外貌,exterior view


The existing rough stone texture is juxtaposed with black standing seam metal roof and stained cedar siding to form a monolithic appearance. Pronounced anodized aluminum plate composes the window and door opening surrounds and further emphasizes the new and the old.

▼新旧结合的整体性外观, a monolithic appearance

▼外墙细节,detail of the wall


▼16英尺高屋顶让空间更显宽敞,the 16’ high cathedral ceiling

The main area has a loft like open plan containing living, dining and kitchen. It features a 16’ high cathedral ceiling with a 16’ X 5’ north facing skylight which disperses a soft glow throughout the day while the south facing large sliding doors provide a mountain view and access to the teak deck spanning the entire south façade. The double height feature wall has a concealed pocket for a retractable projector screen and is surrounded by a casual seating group with a freestanding wood burning stove. Vintage heavy iron legs are used for dining table and it adds an industrial appearance together with a custom pendant light over it. New ribbon window is inserted in the existing masonry opening capturing the sunset view into the kitchen area. The palette of white painted sheetrock walls, wire brushed gray oak floor, and stained exposed roof framing creates a calm contrast. Charcoal gray lacquer finish with shaker design inspired kitchen millwork adds overall warmth to the space.

▼北天窗在日间引入柔和的自然光,north facing skylight disperses a soft glow throughout the day

▼南侧滑动门间户外美景尽收眼底, south facing large sliding doors provide a mountain view

▼南外侧延展的地面露台, access to the teak deck spanning the entire south façade


▼厨房吊灯,lamp above the table


Modest sized bedrooms and bathroom are grouped in the new structure on the east side. Ceiling framing is exposed and painted white at the bedrooms. This modern rustic design with carefully located windows collects soft morning light. Herringbone-patterened carrara white marble tile walls, custom oak vanity, and hand blown pendant lamp are composed for a calm and soothing effect in the space.

▼卧室裸露的天花板结构被漆成白色,the exposed structure are painted white

▼意大利大理石、木质家居和手工艺灯饰,carrara white marble tile walls, custom oak vanity, and hand blown pendant lamp

▼夜色中的建筑,house in the dark


▼东立面图,east elevation

▼西立面图,west elevation

▼南立面图,south elevation

▼北立面图,north elevation


photos ©Mikiko Kikuyama

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