PairTM Star Base by Layer x Fritz Hansen

An intelligent furniture system which could adapt any interior environment.

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PairTM是Layer设计师Benjamin Hubert为Fritz Hansen设计的一个模块化座椅系统。Benjamin Hubert是第一个和该知名丹麦家具品牌合作创造产品的英国设计师,该作品将在二月份的斯德哥尔摩家具展览会上展出。PairTM模块椅可以产生超过8000种组合,能够适应任何室内环境的需求。

PairTM模块椅更多考虑了轻质椅子在办公空间中的应用,其椅腿采用新结构,与符合人体工程学的聚碳酸酯框架连接在一起,避免采用复杂的工程技术,可以方便地满足办公座椅需要。座椅将复合板压制成富有流动感的几何形状,体现了Fritz Hansen引领的世纪中期设计语言。设计师将传统材料制成的椅座和聚碳酸酯模块框架结合在一起,新老材料之间产生对比,为品牌添加了新的元素。靠背被做成10%透明度,使塑料材质有了玻璃一般的品质。



Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency LAYER has launched a new family member of the PairTM collection, a modular seating system for Fritz Hansen. Benjamin Hubert is the first British designer to launch a product with the renowned Danish furniture brand and the PairTM star base will be shown during Stockholm Furniture Fair in February.

PairTM star base has been designed to add to the possible combinations for the modular system of components, with over 8,000 possible variations, offering specifiers a single product adaptable to any interior environment.

The components now include:
– A star base available in chrome and black finishes
– Two back rest options (with and without arms), available in a choice of four colors
– Two leg options (sled base and four legs), available in a choice of ve colours
– One seat, available in a choice ve colours
– One optional cushion, available in a choice of 40 colours

PairTM star base adds a more office driven design direction to the possible applications of the lightweight chair. The new leg structure in combination with a exible ergonomic Polycarbonate backrest delivers an office chair’s functionality without the complex engineering of most task chairs.

PairTM embraces the Mid-Century design language that Fritz Hansen pioneered, utilizing a pressed plywood shell with a strong sense of fluid geometry. The traditional material of the seat shell is paired with an injection moulded polycarbonate backrest, creating an interesting tension between old and new and modernizing the Fritz Hansen material palette. The backrest is moulded with 10% transparency, which elevates the plastic material and gives it a glass-like quality.

The PairTM seating system is the result of 30 prototypes over a three-year development period, and represents the studio’s increased focus on delivering intelligent and exible furniture systems.






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More: Layer。更多关于他们,请至:Layer on gooood

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