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Refractile is a collection of lights creating an illusion of the perceived understanding of light and it’s natural direction. Usually artificial lighting seeks to capture intangible light; light is essentially immaterial and the light function is unambiguous. The collection lights is trying to materialize the nature of light as a physical and visual element. The end result is a combination of immaterial light and shape that form an inseparable whole.









Each model of the lighting series uses the same light shaping polycarbonate film and LED lighting. Every lamp is designed in a different shape, as the shape of the body and the distance from the light source to the polycarbonate film create a unique effect for each lamp. The polycarbonate film and light generate an effect that lives in a constant change and the perceived outcome depends on the viewer’s angle to the object.








All lights use 12V LED
#1: h105 x w27 x d10 cm
#2: h56 x w52 cm
#3: h40 x w27 x d40 cm

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  2. 设计如此简洁有趣,搞得人想自己淘材料做一个了,嘻嘻

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