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materials: glass & Wengé
variations: cabinet, light object, vessel etc. size: diverse
year: 2014

When blowing soap bubbles in the air Iris & Ruben had the dream to capture these temporary beauties in a tendril frame. The fascinating effect of a floating bubble which adapt to its surrounding until it snaps, was the inspiration for a new series of objects in glass combined with wood by  Studio Thier&VanDaalen.

They came up  with the idea to blow a round bubble of glass in a square frame made from wood. To challenge two ancient handcrafts; free glassblowing and fine woodworking. Fascinated by  the two different materials with their own unique properties and treatments; when combined, they have to deal with each other.

Wet wood is commonly used as a mould in free hand glassblowing. But never as a def initive part of the end object.

Iris and Ruben saw this as a beautiful element to use in the end result. The glass will mark the wood forever during blowing, therefor the wooden mould and its object in glass match perfectly together. W ith this new method Studio Thier&VanDaalen created different objects, to show your precious objects.

During the Milan Design Week 2014  we launch this new evolution of our showcase cabinets:  Round Square. Our dream finally came true, “soap bubbles” made from glass blown in wooden frames! Come and see it in real life,from the 8th until the 13th of April at Ventura Lambrate Team-up ( B on  the map). We called AIR Collaboration.

We worked at ‘Van Tetterode Glas Studio’ together with Marc Barreda to blow the glass pieces in wood.
CuratorCabinet  a new look at showcase cabinets.










About Studio Thier&VanDaalen

Studio Thier&VanDaalen was founded in June 2011  . This Dutch & dynamic duo attended at the Dutch Design
Week 2011 and launched their Studio. Both graduated in 2010 in different directions at the Design Academy in
Eindhoven. Therefore their approach to design is totally different. Where Ruben works at the technical side of
design where feasibility and the knowledge of material are important, is Iris almost at the opposite side. Not
pragmatic, but with Iris it is about styling, intuition and a fashionable point of view. This results in a strong

‘Rational versus intuitive, yet fresh ideas constantly appear.’

They are fascinated to design new materials and treatments for interior applications. As well, they like to reuse
existing objects or materials to give them a second life.

‘We love to explore the border between art and design.’

MORE:  Studio Thier&VanDaalen


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  2. 工艺不错,瞬间即是永恒,内容却是常新

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