Shinya Yoshida Design 2016 设计精选,O.M. + optical fiber block + tint



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Appreciation towards Shinya Yoshida Design for providing the following description:


托盘 O.M.


We can find a similarity in the shapes of waves and mountains, both of which are the result of natural phenomena such as wind and rain. This tray changes expressions according to the viewing angle thanks to the lenticular structure. Ocean waves can become mountains.




窗格 optical fiber block


Used as a transparent pane, this optical fiber block appears to pixelate objects viewed through it. Lending a digital quality, light and objects change fluidly as if particlizing before one’s eye. See the world digitally through analog eyes.


花瓶 tint


All life is based on a single cell structure. One cell becomes many and changes into many structures completely different from the original form. Using this concept, these flower vases were born from a mono-structure. The seed with a simple structure, will evolve into a variety of forms, generating some mutations in its course.


More:Shinya Yoshida Design  更多关于他们请至:Shinya Yoshida Design on gooood.


2 评论

  1. 花瓶很好,形式现代,但理念很日本,枯荣皆赏

  2. 窗格像素化那个很有意思

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