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灯 ombra(Pendante&Desk type)


Pendant and desktop lighting using industrial mesh.By using a delicate mesh fashioned into a truncated cone, the structure gains a beautiful gradation and transparency.  Because of its light weight, extreme proportions can be realized.  The density of the mesh has been optimized and the surface reflection has been diffused in order to bring out the possibilities as lighting.  The mesh can be easily replaced allowing the enjoyment of various combinations of colors.



托盘 drape(Tray)


A unique multi-tray made of resin. Having a smooth shape that resembles a draped cloth, it can be used in a multitude of ways.  Its uses are as various as its form.

More:Shinya Yoshida Design  更多关于他们请至:Shinya Yoshida Design on gooood.


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