Spectrum by Tokujin Yoshioka

A mystical journey through light.

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来自 吉冈德仁 对gooood的分享。Appreciation towards Tokujin Yoshioka for providing the following description:


Tokujin Yoshioka is known as one of the most influential creators in the world. His experimental and innovative creations, which transcend the boundaries of art, design, and architecture, are highly evaluated in the world.

Light – Yoshioka wonders why natural light is so attractive to us. Sunlight, moonlight and shimmers of water – the beauty of them has mystic energy that cannot be fully grasped. Natural light that all living creatures can sense its power has infinite colours in its whiteness and transparency. Focusing on the relationship between man and the natural world, Yoshioka has explored the sensations that natural light brings to us with his studies and experiments.





Since Sir Isaac Newton, a “natural philosopher”, first demonstrated that the sun’s rays can be separated into their constituent colours using a clear polyhedral prism, man has been fascinated by the relationship between, and the significance of, light and colour.

In this exhibition, Yoshioka presents his latest installation "Spectrum". This experience offers an almost mystical journey through light, with seemingly infinite rainbow colours radiate from prisms. The sculpture made of 200 prisms on the wall refracts some 4000 of rainbow rays. Inspired by the relationship between man and natural light, this installation coveys the aura of nature, the passage of time and the beauty of light itself, and aims to arouse human senses conveying the mystery of rainbow rays refracted through prisms.





在2013年于东京现代艺术博物馆中举办的展览 “吉冈德仁 – 结晶”中他第一次展出了其研究作品。以500枚水晶棱镜打造而成的巨型建筑装置“彩虹教堂”通过折射,让绚烂的色彩充斥了其所在的空间。而在2011年他的建筑作品 "KOU-AN玻璃茶室”便已在54届威尼斯双年展中亮相。而在2015年,他对传统茶室的再演绎被安装在具有宗教和文化双重意义的京都天台宗寺院中的平台上。他通过玻璃茶室与自然和光线的结合,将日本文化中时间与自然的概念转化为实体。

The seeds for his latest showcase were shown in 2013, during TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA _ Crystalize, an exhibition held in Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. "Rainbow Church" was a giant architectural installation of some five hundred crystal prisms positioned to refract light in spectacular curves of colour across the space it inhabited. Two years earlier the design for the architectural project "KOU-AN Glass Tea House" was presented at Glasstress 2011, the collateral event of the 54th La biennale di Venezia, and in 2015, his interpretation of the traditional Tea House was installed on the stage of Shougunzuka Mound, Seiryu-den, a precinct of Tendai Sect Shoren-in Temple, which is both a sacred Buddhist site and a designated Important Cultural Property of Japan. He was to capture the essence of time and nature in Japanese culture by integrating the glass Tea House with nature and light in a way that is palpable.





MORE: 吉冈德仁  Tokujin Yoshioka

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  1. 人们日常对于光影的感知太麻木了,此项目正好放大了这点,光是看图片已经体验到光芒的光明和自然界的神奇,所幸我们是视觉色感正常的人,才能享受这生命的恩赐。生活如此多彩,何不用自身的光明去照亮别人^3^

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