Structures 2015-2016 by Anchor Ceramics

Ceramics with overlapping of architecture, design and art.

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非常感谢 Anchor Ceramics 予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciations towards Anchor Ceramics for providing the following descriptions:

艺术家热衷于制作三维物品,不断探索其外观和形式。他的工作没有固定的流程,设计、艺术、建筑和手工艺在他的作品中叠合在了一起,Structure 2015-2016便体现出了这一特点,打破了设计中的传统界限。这是一系列由建筑元素转变而成的陶瓷作品,同时运用了现代和传统的技术及工具,呈现出了形态、材料、光影以及美学上的独特品质。

The artist has been drawn to the physical making of things, the world of three dimensions rather than two, exploring form and surface. There’s no prescribed way in his works and different creative activities like design, art, architecture and craft overlap, breaking the traditional boundaries between them. Structures 2015-2016 is a series of ceramic works translated from architectural elements, completed by both contemporary and traditional technologies and tools, reflecting the qualities of form, quietness, light, materiality and beauty.



161025_AnchorCeramics16708 1



Anchor Ceramics 2

Anchor Ceramics 1

English text: Bruce Rowe
Chinese text: gooood

More: Anchor Ceramics

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