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The world’s most adaptable table leg, Tabl is a minimalist table leg that allows you to convert any flat surface into an instant table. Its modular, sturdy design makes it amazingly versatile and adaptable. Made from beautiful, authentic raw materials, Tabl will allow you to create timeless furniture pieces that adapt to your changing needs.


I created Tabl out of necessity – I live in New York, and I have moved around a lot times in the last few years. Cheap, flat-pack furniture never lasts and can’t be adapted to a new setting. Investing in high quality furniture doesn’t make sense either, because it becomes restrictive. Tabl can travel with me, allowing me to up-cycle reclaimed table tops for each new location. The resulting tables are individual, beautiful, and functional.


It’s a new take on a great concept: BYO flat surface and attach the Tabl legs and in minutes you have your new, custom piece of furniture. It’s super easy and fast for anyone to assemble – no skill required. Place your table top on the floor, slide in the legs, tighten the three bolts per leg with the included allen key to fasten the most rigid clamp ever on a modular table leg. Stand it up.. That’s it.

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  1. 万能可能有点不行,但真的很棒的设计。

  2. 还买什么桌子啊,买四个腿儿自己创造去吧!

  3. 直接三颗螺丝固定面板,看着好难受

  4. 突出桌面,不好看

  5. 如果桌面荷载吃不消怎么办,如果地面不平整呢。建议再补充一个高度调节器

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