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Based on the idea that a kitchen is the heart of a home, Lukstudio creates a culinary villagewhere kitchen appliances are displayed in four domestic settings, alongside a gallery, a cooking classroom, a VIP lounge, and a multi-functional courtyard. The design has transformed the original 1000-sqm mechanical floor into a complete brand experience for manufacturer Arda.

▼点击观看视频,video below


Situated by a reflective pooland framed by green walls, a white box marks the entrance of the journey. Following stepping stones in the shallow water, visitors enter a dark tunnel. On the left, an introductory video is accompanied by a water feature of dishwasher jets; on the right, a peek into the courtyardsahead of their discovery.



The main displayarea is organized as a series of white huts, each presenting an ideal kitchen: minimalistic white, total black, rustic country and modern American. Lukstudio has placed these volumes carefully, carving out strategic openings to create a visual dialogue with one’s movement.

▼展厅内不同区域展现出不同分为,the main displayarea is organized in different atmosphere


Walking along the stone pavement, a vaulted shed stands out within the quiet “village”. Reminiscent of an outdoor kiln, the space displays the evolution of oven technology and creates an interesting twist in the spatial experience. Next to the red-brick structure, afully-equipped classroom with movable doors and cooking stations provide a multi-functional area for try-out sessions and company events.

▼空间中的拱形红砖构筑物, a vaulted shed stands out within the quiet “village”


▼红砖构筑物内部展区,inside the vaulted shed

▼可移动的门扇与烹饪台使厨艺教室成为一个功能灵活的大空间,afully-equipped classroom with movable doors and cooking stations provide a multi-functional area


Passing windows with views to the exterior courtyard, one reaches the VIP lounge where exquisite dinners will be served. Lined with travertine stone slabs and walnut wood panels, this elegant room promises memorable gatherings.To top it all, guests are welcomed into the adjacent conservatory and outdoor courtyard where herbs are planted and picked to garnish their dishes.

▼贵宾室,VIP room

▼大开口的木墙洞,door to the courtyard



Reinventing the experience of a conventional kitchen showroom, Lukstudio has created an artificial village of different homes, set in a cozy courtyard that brings water, daylight and plants into close proximity. While the project presents many possible consumer experiences, it also reflects on the essence of an ideal living environment.





设计团队: LUKSTUDIO芝作室
项目团队: 王峰,林溢晔,Alba Beroiz Blazquez,蔡金红,区智维,Marcello Chiado Rana,丁怡人,马坤
地点: 浙江嘉兴市南湖区开禧路
面积: 1000 平方米
设计期: 2015年12月-2016年4月
施工期: 2016年7月-2017年4月
视频: 映社动态影像传媒
摄影: 洛唐建筑摄影,映社动态影像传媒

Design team: LUKSTUDIO
Director: Christina Luk
Project team: Leo Wang, Yiye Lin, Alba Beroiz Blazquez, Jinhong Cai, Ray Ou, Marcello Chiado Rana, Yiren Ding, Kun Ma
Scope: architecture andinterior design
Client: Arda Kitchen Appliances
Location: Kaixi Road, Nanhu District, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
Netarea: 1000sqm
Design period: December 2015 – April 2016
Construction period: July 2016 – April 2017
General contractor: Shanghai Savor Construction & Decoration Co., Ltd.
Video: PROJECT|ION| motion picture production
Photography: Peter Dixie for LOTAN Architectural Photography , PROJECT|ION| motion picture production
A special thanks to HAY for their generous help on soft decoration.

More:  LUKSTUDIO 更多关于他们: LUKSTUDIO on gooood


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