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“With experimentation, you think you’re going to find out one thing, but you actually discover something else… more than you bargain for.”
Zaha Hadid

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‘Zaha Hadid: There Should Be No End To Experimentation’- exhibition opens March 17 at ArtisTree, Hong Kong
17 March – 6 April, 2017.

006-Zaha There Should Be No End

▲ ‘Metropolis’, 1988 © Zaha Hadid Foundation


英国知名的蛇形画廊 Serpentine Galleries 联同 Zaha Hadid Design 设计工作室,于香港荣誉呈献备受赞誉的已故建筑师扎哈‧哈迪德作品展,展出其早期画作和草图。这个被伦敦
《Evening Standard》评为「具启示意义」的展览最初由哈迪德本人构思,在新增档案资料丰富展览内容后,由合作伙伴太古地产引入旗下太古坊内的艺术活动场地 ArtisTree,作为其迁往新址前的闭幕展览。

The Serpentine Galleries and Zaha Hadid Design are proud to bring their critically acclaimed exhibition of early paintings and drawings by the late Zaha Hadid to Hong Kong. First conceived with Hadid herself, this “revelation” (London Evening Standard) of a show has been newly expanded with additional archival material. The exhibition is the closing presentation for ArtisTree, the arts space in the heart of the city’s Taikoo Place by exhibition presenting partner Swire Properties, before it is relocated to a new address.


007-Zaha There Should Be No End

001-Zaha There Should Be No End

▲ Confetti ‘The Peak’, Hong Kong, China 1982/1983 © Zaha Hadid Foundation


扎哈‧哈迪德(1950-2016 年)被誉为建筑界的先驱和梦想家,此次 Serpentine 展览亦别出心裁地展示了哈迪德作为一位艺术家,绘画在她作品中不可或缺的重要地位。展出作

While Zaha Hadid (1950-2016) is rightly regarded as an architectural pioneer and visionary, this unique Serpentine presentation also reveals her as an artist with drawing at the very heart of her work. The work includes paintings, calligraphic drawings and rarely seen private notebooks with sketches that show her complex thoughts about architecture’s forms and relationships.


004-Zaha There Should Be No End

▲ Sketch Selection from Sketchbook 2001 © Zaha Hadid Foundation


此次香港展览由摩根大通私人银行联合赞助,聚焦哈迪德在 1993 年第一个建筑作品德国维特拉消防局建成前的早期作品,年期由 70 年代至 90 年代初。展品包括哈迪德首个享誉国际的项目「山顶」(The Peak) (1982-1983 年),该作品在香港山顶私人会所设计比赛中脱颖而出,标志着哈迪德职业生涯的重要时刻。

The exhibition, brought to Hong Kong in association with J.P. Morgan Private Bank, focuses on Hadid’s early works before her first building (Vitra Fire Station, Germany) was erected in 1993. Ranging from the 1970s to the early Press Release 19 January 2017 ZAHA HADID THERE SHOULD BE NO END TO EXPERIMENTATION 17 MARCH – 6 APRIL 2017 ARTISTREE, TAIKOO PLACE, 979 KING’S ROAD, QUARRY BAY, HONG KONG 1990s, the paintings and drawings on show include Hadid’s first internationally acclaimed project, The Peak (1982-3), awarded first prize in a design competition for a leisure club in the Hong Kong hills – marking a critical moment in Hadid’s career.


002-Zaha There Should Be No End

▲ Hafenstrasse Development; Hafenstrasse Development, Hamburg, Germany, 1989 © Zaha Hadid Foundation


绘画和素描是哈迪德惯用的创作方法。她受到 Malevich、Tatlin 和 Rodchenko 的影响,主要运用硬笔素描来表达自己的建筑意念。哈迪德认为绘画是一种设计工具,能把想像中建筑与我们所处世界的关系的探究性结构抽像化。这些跃然于画纸和画布上的作品,正是哈迪德决心实现的建筑结构,在其之后建筑作品独有的轻盈和失重特色中可见一斑。展览是哈迪德对乌托邦世界的宣言,展示了她对空间及现实的全方位愿景。

Drawing and painting were fundamental to Hadid’s practice. Influenced by Malevich, Tatlin and Rodchenko, she used calligraphic drawings as the main method for visualising her architectural ideas. For Hadid, painting was a design tool, and abstraction an investigative structure for imagining architecture and its relationship to the world we live in. These works on paper and canvas unravel an architecture that Hadid was determined to realise in built structures and that was later seen in the characteristic lightness and weightlessness of her buildings. Conceived as Hadid’s manifesto of a utopian world, the show reveals her all-encompassing visions of space and reality.


003-Zaha There Should Be No End

▲ Concept Painting, Cardiff Bay Opera House, Wales, UK, 1994-1996 © Zaha Hadid Foundation


“This survey of Zaha Hadid’s experimental 2D work is a revelation … Hadid’s paintings and drawings, which sit somewhere between art, architecture and design, compellingly fuse fantasy and science.”
Evening Standard

“汇聚扎哈‧哈迪德实验性的 2D 作品,极具启示性……哈迪德的画作和草图界乎艺术、建筑及设计之间,把奇思妙想与科学揉合起来,引人入胜。”
Evening Standard


“This exhibition provides an unparalleled insight into the creative process of the architect’s early years, revealing how a strange calligraphy was incubated in her notebooks, an esoteric universe of dots, dashes and swirls, before leaping off the page into working drawings, and wall-sized paintings.”
The Guardian



005-Zaha There Should Be No End

▲ ‘Vision for Madrid’, Spain, 1992 © Zaha Hadid Foundation


科技和创新一直贯穿于 Zaha Hadid Architects 的设计作品中,哈迪德的众多画作也预示了数码化过程的发展潜力。此次展览特别与 Google Arts & Culture 合作,为部分作品打造了四个实验性虚拟实境体验,以生动的方式让参观者身临其境地感受哈迪德的建筑愿景。为延续对科技的热忱,此次展览还将特别提供流动导览服务,作为彭博慈善基金会在 Serpentine Galleries 推行的数码参与计划的一部分。参观者可透过手机,在 ArtisTree 参与展览带来的一系列互动体验,包括小故事、音频片段及其他哈迪德的设计草图。此外,展览还设有放映厅,将播放扎哈‧哈迪德资料库的独家珍藏片段。这些互动元素由在彭博慈善基金会透过 Bloomberg Connects Programme 提供支持。Bloomberg Connects Programme 是一项全球性计划,旨在帮助文化机构利用数码科技为观众提供创新且具吸引力的体验。

Technology and innovation have always been central to the work of Zaha Hadid Architects, and many of Hadid’s paintings prefigure the potential of these digital processes. Connecting directly with the individual paintings in this exhibition, four experimental virtual reality experiences have been specially developed in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, offering a dynamic and immersive insight into Hadid’s architectural vision. Building on this commitment to technology, a dedicated mobile tour will also be available as part of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ ongoing digital engagement programme at the Serpentine Galleries. Available through visitors’ mobile phones, the mobile tour offers ArtisTree visitors an interactive gallery experience including stories, audio clips and additional drawings from the Hadid collection. In addition, a screening room in the exhibition featuring exclusive footage from the Zaha Hadid archive, will also be made available.


008-Zaha There Should Be No End

▲ Zaha Hadid by Brigitte Lacombe ©Brigitte Lacombe


此次展览是哈迪德早期作品首次亮相中国,亦是向建筑师致敬。 2016 年,哈迪德作品展首次在伦敦展出,地点正是在 2013 年由 Zaha Hadid Architects 负责扩建和翻新的Serpentine Sackler Gallery,参观人数更创下纪录。

These interactive components are supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies through its Bloomberg Connects programme, a global initiative that helps cultural institutions innovate and engage audiences by leveraging digital technology. Marking the first presentation of Hadid’s early works in China, this timely homage first opened in 2016 to record London audiences at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, extended and renovated in 2013 by Zaha Hadid Architects.



‘Zaha Hadid: There Should Be No End To Experimentation’
ArtisTree, Taikoo Place, 979 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong


MORE: Zaha Hadid Architects 更多关于他们:Zaha Hadid Architects on gooood


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