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不动如山,“不动山”香插 Steady as a Mountain


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Steady as a Mountain, “Tranquil Mountain” Eaglewood Holder
Designer: SLOWood  (www.slowood.cn)
Material:Black Walnut+Cherry+Brass

In traditional Chinese painting, the mountain in the background reminds people the cloud and smog wondering around it even if it’s only drawn in a few ink lines. The evoked image is so attractive. Inspired by it, we made this eaglewood-holder. The layered wood imitate the form of distant mountain. The brass bar is functional and meanwhile together with the smog of the eaglewood strengthens the quietness of the mountain. We give the name “Tranquil Mountain” to this eaglewood-holder.

This series includes two single items. One extends like a horizontal scroll and the brass brook flows to distance; while the other one is like a steep tall mountain where the brass become a waterfall that forms a quite pool at its foot.

The original design is a little different that is a single cherry mountain on an integral walnut base. During the modeling process we found it’s difficult to treat some details. So finally we revise it as the final version and the mountain becomes layered.








MORE:  slowarchitects  slowood  SLOW正在招聘英才,详情点击橙色链接 微信公众号SLOW 


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  1. 哇哇哇,好棒[爱心]

  2. @拾久艺术 要在通讯录-公众号-右上方加号里搜,不能在新的朋友里搜[调皮]

  3. 公众号里搜SLOW出来的是做啤酒的…… 是不是有误?

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