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非常感谢 Under 予gooood分享以下内容。Appreciation towards Under for providing the following description:


At Lindesnes, in the southern part of Norway, we will give our visitors the possibility to experience a mysterious, but amazing underwater world unknown to most. We want to be your eye to the local, marine ecosystem.

▼餐厅鸟瞰(效果图),aerial view (rendering)

▼餐厅入口(效果图),entrance (rendering)

餐厅携手Snøhetta事务所(更多关于他们,请至:Snøhetta on gooood)以及当地经验丰富的合伙人,共同打造了这一标志性的美食餐厅。除了挪威的特色海鲜之外,森林、花园、水下和海滩,都是该餐厅的食材来源。餐厅将以具有挪威及北欧特色的创意菜品,为顾客带来难忘的用餐体验。

Hand-in-hand with Snøhetta and a few experienced local partners, will we create an iconic building with a unique gourmet restaurant. Given our location, it is natural for us to focus on seafood. But also local specialties gathered from the woods, the garden, underwater and at the beach will be found on our particular menu. We will transform the ingredients we use into creative dishes within the local and Nordic kitchen, and give you a food experience you will never forget.

▼水下视角(效果图),underwater view (rendering)

▼餐厅内部(效果图),internal space (rendering)


We can thank Snøhetta, the renowned Norwegian architect bureau, for our amazing and stunning design. It´s the first time they work on an underwater project, and together with a few local partners, they will build a unique construction that we can´t wait to show our visitors. Our wonderful Under will open the first quarter of 2019. We can hardly wait!

▼整体效果呈现,the overall effect

Timeline: 2017 – 2019
Status: Ongoing
Location: Lindesnes, Norway
Typology: Restaurant
Client: Gaute and Stig Ubostad
Size: 600 m²

More: UnderSnøhetta, 更多关于他们:Snøhetta on gooood


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  2. 窝曹 以为是照片没想到是效果图 果然国外的3D比较牛逼

  3. 客观的说 我看见后的第一反应就是:卧槽 这个好屌…….

  4. 作为鱼的视角,看见这些讨厌的人类在我们的地盘吃(鱼),恨得牙痒痒

  5. 水质好就是安逸···好喜欢这种水下的建筑。

  6. 像口棺材,别的不想说了。

  7. 在里面想吃热的

  8. 感觉内部阴暗潮湿,用餐会舒服吗

  9. 这个简直太棒了!!!!!!!

  10. 好棒 在里面的感觉很奇妙

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