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来自小大建筑设计事务所对gooood的分享。Appreciation towards kooo architects for providing the following description:


Located at the West Lake lakeside square (Xihu Tiandi), the project is designed to create a warm space with lush vegetation in order to defend from its surrounding buildings which seem unapproachable.

001-Xie Xie Cafe by kooo architects

002-Xie Xie Cafe by kooo architects

▽ 柜台,counter

003-Xie Xie Cafe by kooo architects


The glass roof was a double-layered structure of square steel tubes before renovation. The design team took advantage of the structure by adding wood beams and formed an interesting woven texture. Additional wood beams interweave with original structure and create a comfortable atmosphere with a rich experience of light and shadow.

▽ 交织的木梁结构形成丰富的光影效果,the structure of woven wood provides a rich experience of light and shadow

004-Xie Xie Cafe by kooo architects

005-Xie Xie Cafe by kooo architects

006-Xie Xie Cafe by kooo architects

008-Xie Xie Cafe by kooo architects   009-Xie Xie Cafe by kooo architects


Distinct treatments of the roof divide dining area into two types. The space defined by the structure of woven wood is bright and open, and is fit for customers who enjoy sunshines, while the inner area is fitter for customers who prefer quietness.

▽ 木梁结构下的空间更适合喜爱享受阳光的客人,the space under the wooden structure is fitter for customers who enjoy sunshines

007-Xie Xie Cafe by kooo architects

▽ 靠内部的空间更适合需要安静的客人,the inner area is more fit for customers who prefer quietness

010-Xie Xie Cafe by kooo architects

▽ 夜景,night view

011-Xie Xie Cafe by kooo architects

▽ 模型,models

012-Xie Xie Cafe by kooo architects

013-Xie Xie Cafe by kooo architects

Project Location: Hangzhou, China
Project Area: 300 sqm
Project Team: kooo architects
Design Time: 2015
Construction Time: 2016


English Text: gooood
Chinese Text: kooo architects

MORE: kooo architects


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  1. 哪里是储物间哪里是洗手间?功能分区标一下?

  2. 反衬手法运用很到位啊

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