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非常感谢 一宇设计 将项目介绍和项目图片授权gooood发行。
Appreciation towards YIYU Design for providing the following description:


What is old factory adaptive reuse to Hongdu?
What is urban renewal to Nanchang?
It is a memorial and reflection of our heritage.
It is an imaginative attitude towards a life full of new possibilities.

▼ 改造后的景观公园,the imaginative park after renovation

▼ 公园平面,Plan


The Memory of Flying


Home to China’s aviation manufacturing industry, Hongdu once held the important mission of creating countless aircrafts to fulfill men’s dream to fly. As the first part of the old town to be redeveloped, this project transforms an old aircraft factory into a creative center for the community. In doing so, it aims to preserve a piece of architectural history and revive from memory its rich past.

▼ 为孩子打造的娱乐空间,the recreative facilities in the playground designed for children

▼ 吸引孩子的设计,the attractive space


A Bridge in the Sky, A Valley of Clouds


The front plaza utilizes the language of folded paper plane to capture the spirit of flying. The sculptural benches in the plaza also take on the folding plane language so that ergonomically they allow one to sit or lie down to gaze into the sky. The interactive fountain in the plaza also mimics the trails of white mist behind jet aircrafts, bringing the plaza to life with energy and speed.

▼ 广场的设计融入了飞机的意向,the design of the plaza trying to capture the spirit of site’s history

▼ 广场的细部,detail of the plaza is highly refined



Continuing to be inspired by its aviation history, an existing infrastructural bridge is integrated into the meandering path as the bridge in the sky. Hovering above, the bridge has the best vantage point in the park. From there, one discovers a playground in the valley, distinguished by colorful topographical contours. Integrated water vapor mimicking clouds drift lightly over the grounds, creating a dreamy and magical world for children.

▼ 天之桥,an existing infrastructural bridge is reconstructed as the bridge in the sky

▼ 云之谷中的装置设计,the art installation mimicking the shape of cloud

▼ 场地成为了孩子们的梦想乡,the place creating a magical and dreamy world for children


Memories of Ancient Trees, Melodies of the Wind


Besides retaining the original factory structure, the project also preserved the existing natural surrounding as much as possible, because every tree is a witness to Hongdu’s history, an important memory-keeper, as well as the guardian of this land. With this respectful attitude in mind, the design kept every single tree by meandering paths around each. The wooded area at the park entry becomes the “Stage of Trees” where the community can come together for a variety of social activities. Accompanied by soft whistles of the wind, foot paths weave through the park under the shadows of the trees, becoming the perfect place for an afternoon walk.

▼ 场地中保留的林带,the preserved natural woods


Living in the Woods, Hiding in the Wild


The winding paths connect three houses hidden within the forest. These houses are designed such that they reveal the scale and beauty of nature. These houses are carefully composed inside the woods to respect the locations of existing trees; some have branches that lightly reach in front of their windows; some have entrances that enjoy the fragrance of orange blossoms. Building skins of mirrored stainless steel completely camouflage them in the natural realm. Thus, the built is integrated into nature, merging the landscape completely with our lives.

▼ 场地中的建筑融入了环境,the architecture is blended in the environment


Timeless Habitats


Beyond preserving history, activating the park, and continuing the local heritage, ensuring a sustainable habitat is also an important task. The intimate interaction between human and nature, history and future, along with a mutual respect towards one another and a protective understanding for sustainable development are the very ideologies that are embodied in the spirit of Hongdu Airport Park, which seeks to transform Nanchang into an everlasting and timeless habitat.

▼ 环境及精神上永续的设计,the design continues the local heritage and ensures a sustainable habitat


Bioswales, rain gardens, and stormwater treatments are integrated into the design of the park such that it is self-sustaining. In addition, educational signage plates with plant knowledge are placed throughout to help children understand nature early on, and learn to nurture and protect our environment.

▼ 景观中的指示牌具有教育功能,the educational signage

▼ 剖面,Section

摄影:Alex de Dios,Kano Eiichi
设计团队:林逸峰,吳孛貝,Alex de Dios,王裕中,黄婉贞
协作艺术家:德国 Francesco Camillo Giorgino

Client: AVIC Legend Co. Ltd
Project name: AVIC Hammer Park
Location: City of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China

Area: 24500 Sqm
Landscape Architect: YIYU design
Completion: Sep 2016

Photographers: Alex de Dios, Kano Eiichi
Design team: Yifeng Lin, Yuchung Wang, Alex de Dios, Beibei Wu, Wendy Huang
AVIC Team: Jianping Zhu, Yajia Zhang, Qinghua Zeng

Artist: Francesco Camillo Giorgino
Manufacturer: Tang Yan
Article: Yifeng Lin

More: 一宇设计.


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