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场地的挑战 | The challenge of site


It was almost in a vacuum at the first time we got to the site. There was nothing but brand new industry park and buildings, which had no link to the city, site and history. It’s maybe the most common problem we shall solve in China. The present situation in vacuum cut down the way to the eternity. To create an individual and dynamic world to resist the nihility, we shall learn from settlement and nature. It has a long history in China.



聚落的格局 | The pattern of settlement


Despite being indoor area, we’d like to regard it as an entirely arch complex. In the way, the site is endued with the city density and autonomy. The ambiguity with indoor and outdoor space is also the research we discuss consistently.


▼由拱形组成的内向空间的自治模式,the internal space was designed as an entirely arch complex

功能被区分为私密和公共。私密指向那些功能明确, 完整围合的独立房间,它们的独立性被不同方向的坡度顶在视觉上强化出来。公共代表那些没有定义的中性区域,它们被模糊的称为前厅,讨论,聚会,展示,休息……它们对空开敞,被墙体划分为尺度各异的“街道”,又放大为一个“广场”,或缩小成一处“巷弄”。以这样的方式,空间获得了一种可贵的城市属性:街道串联起公共节点,房屋沿线分布,绿地间隔其中。

The functions are divided in two parts, Private and Public. Private area refers to some individual rooms in specific functions. Public area represents the space in vacuum, including hall, meeting, exhibition and relaxing. Public area includes several streets, squares and lanes, which are divided by walls in straight lines and curves. In the way, site is reorganized with urban character.

▼开敞的公共区域,the open public space

▼形态各异的墙体将公共区域划分为不同尺度的“城市”空间,the public area is divided by walls in straight lines and curves


To describe the space, we use some urban design terms. It’s because the judgment of human’s behaviors. We will meet, gather or conflict in the space. Proper density gives us more possibilities.

▼错落的空间使人们不可避免地相遇、聚合和冲突,the walls present alternately to make people meet, gather or conflict in the space


有趣的联想 | Interesting imagination


Here is a city, and also a garden. The gap between old and new is the back yard of the office room. Greens belong the straightly walls, and lighting ceilings are just like courtyards. The imaginations of garden exit in the space, telling a story of nature.

▼设计师为空间赋予了城市的密度和特征,the design provides the space with an urban density and scale

▼偶尔出现的盆栽和绿植为空间带来意趣,the green plants happen to appear, which brings interest and charm to the space


The vacuum indoor is purposed to be an green garden, with potted plants. Somehow the idea hasn’t come true. Instead, clients settle a few microcarpa, just like traditional Chinese paintings. It hadn’t been used at the last time we got to the garden. Will the fairy tales come true in the meandering streets? Maybe it is just a dream garden.

▼室内细部,detail of the interior


▼模型细部,model detail

▼空间体块示意,massing diagram



More:Mur Mur Lab (contact: murmurlab@163.com)。更多关于他们:Mur Mur Lab on gooood


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