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帐篷边桌 tent


A collection of side tables which resemble triangular tents.The table can be placed by a sofa or bed, and the user can position the-round shaped opening to face them, which makes the table become a small personal alcove.The tables have inner lighting which highlights the items inside, making use as a display case also possible. A desk was also produced based on the same concept. The interior of the desk was finished in fabric which has a sound buffering effect to allow the user to focus on work for a short time in the enclosed space.


树形衣架 koeda


A branch unexpectedly juts out from inside a square-shaped frame.When a coat is hung on the branch, the weight is focused in the centre of the frame and the stability of the frame is increased so the base of the frame can be made light-weight and compact.The relationship between “inside” and “outside ”is completely reversed in this coat stand.While branches typically grow “outward,” this branch grows “inward.” Coats can be hooked “inside” this coat stand, whereas they are normally hooked “outside” on a coat stand.

More:Nendo 更多关于他们:nendo on gooood


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