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来自睿集设计对gooood的分享。更多关于他们:RIGIdesign on gooood
Appreciation towards RIGIdesign for providing the following description:


This is a place about the film, or we could say it is a place where people gathered to do something for a film.

▼入口是一个很多镜头的黑盒子,the entrance is a black box with many lens


The film industry is an industry with a sense of ceremony. From script to shooting, screening to watching, no matter for director or audience, space in and between the curtain with 24 frames per second, and every dramatic clip, they are part of the film.

▼墙面的取景框合围成了空间的逻辑,frames on the wall circle/form the logic of space


The film is not just a linear narrative. Every film shot connects different places, people and moments into a whole.

▼每个人既是空间中的观众,也同样是空间中的演员,everyone is both audience and actor of this space


It is the same with space. This project is a film office, what RIGI did is not just finding themes from the movies to complete this design, but also presented behavior of different people in this space through “wall frames”- dramatic moments are the real charm of a movie. Stories that weave in and out the wall frames build the logic of the whole design.

▼每一个取景框中的瞬间,moments in every frame

▼每一个取景框中的故事,stories in every frame


In the design, RIGI wants to create a feeling of old modern; but it is not a retro of only one specific style. The sense of the structure of steel tube and leather of the furniture, words on the wall, light emitting light box, all different details are used to immerse people in the feeling of a so-called old golden age of the movie.

▼黑色空间中的白色,white in the black space


At the center of the space, there is a PARTY and a small projection room. RIGI creates a pure white area, an abstract and surreal space where pink installation adds the sense of drama. Materials and color are mainly in black and white, as the film itself is black and white, light and shadow art. Black materials of different texture together convey different feelings.

▼取景框中里与外都是空间逻辑的一部分,spaces inside and outside the frame are both part of space logic

▼每一个角落的镜头感,sense of shot of every corner

墙面的文字是很多导演电影处女作的名字,first cry是空间的名字,就像孩子的第一声啼哭,这永远是最真实的感觉。

Words on the walls are the names of the directors’ first films. The first cry is taken as the name of this space, for the feeling given by the first cry of a baby is the truest one.

▼每一个导演的处女作都是最有趣的开始,first film of every director starts the most interesting story

▼情绪与质感,emotion and texture

▼黑色中的变化,changes within black


The office is not just a place to work, every office has his soul which has to do with emotion, professional and behavior. The essence of design is to create a connection of emotion and need between space and its user.

▼办公室室内场景,interior of the office

▼很多有意思的故事会在这里诞生,lots of interesting stories will be born here


This is the most valuable part of design.

▼浮华与精巧并不是最好的表达,构造才有更多的力量,being flashy and exquisite does not express the design best, structure expresses more

▼有关于电影的一切,everything about film

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing

▼设计概念图, design concept


▼家具设计图,furniture design

作品名称: 啼声影视办公室
所属类别: 办公空间
主设计师: 刘恺
摄影师: 刘恺 汪敏杰
案例面积: 250㎡
主要材料: 金属板 烤漆 毛毡 艺术涂料 皮革
设计说明撰写人: 刘恺
设计时间: 2016年10月
建成时间: 2017年1月
建成地点: 上海
Project Name: first cry film office
Type: Office
Chief designer: LIU Kai
Photographer: LIU Kai, WANG Minjie
Area: 250㎡
Materials: metal plate, baking varnish, felt, art paint, leather
Text: LIU Kai
Design Time: 2016.10
Completion Time: 2017.01
Location: Shanghai

More: RIGIdesign .更多关于他们:RIGIdesign on gooood


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