SHL wins International competition to design the new Shanghai Library, China

A singular monolithic object floating above the tree canopy within the park.

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丹麦SHL建筑事务所经过三轮角逐赢得上海图书馆东馆国际设计竞赛。上海是目前全球最密集的城市之一,拥有2500万常住人口。上海最早的城市图书馆则可以追溯到1847年。 参与本次竞赛的国际建筑师包括隈研吾,David Chipperfield和Dominque Perrault。丹麦SHL建筑事务所经过6个月设计,从中脱颖而出。

Schmidt Hammer Lassen has won a three stage international competition to design the new city library for Shanghai, China. Shanghai is currently the most populous city in the world with nearly 25 million inhabitants, and has a central library system that dates back to 1847. The practice saw off competition from Kengo Kuma, David Chipperfield and Dominque Perrault to the prestigious commission after a 6 month two stage process.

▽ 上海图书馆东馆,the new city library for Shanghai

02_SHL_Shanghai_Library_Exterior_Day_Image by BATB

▽ 干净利落,切割和旋转后的图书馆体块映射着天空和周边公园景观
The library volume is carved and twisted to reflect the surrounding park and sky

001_SHL_Shanghai_Library_Exterior_Day_Image by SHL 副本


The 110,000m² library, located in Pudong District – the area of the city known for its iconic skyline, will sit immediately next to Century Park -the largest park in the city spread over 140 hectares. The project is conceived as a singular monolithic object floating above the tree canopy within the park. The main library volume floats above two pavilions that will house a 1000 seat performance venue, exhibition and events space and a dedicated children's library, that will all open up towards a series of landscaped courtyards and gardens.

▽ 一座漂浮在公园树冠上方的雕塑体
The project is conceived as a singular monolithic object floating above the tree canopy within the park.

03_SHL_Shanghai_Library_Exterior_Night_Image by SHL

"我们将图书馆视为公园的焦点,就像是一块落在了以城市为尺度的中式园林的玉石。"丹麦SHL建筑事务所合伙人Chris Hardie先生说道,"项目最有意思的是它得天独厚的公园地理位置,就像处在这个世界最大城市的"心脏",而我们刚好有机会可以在这些树丛之间营造一个知识和媒体的空间。" 项目位于世纪大道东端,南靠世纪公园,距陆家嘴地区约4公里,紧邻浦东新区政府、上海科技馆、世纪公园、东方艺术中心、浦东新区展览馆、浦东新区档案馆、浦东市民中心等,与周边现有的文化设施共同形成具有国际影响力的文化设施群。1995年,上海图书馆与上海科学技术情报研究所合并,成为一座综合性研究型公共图书馆,也是国内第一个省(市)级图书情报联合体。

"We see the library as the focal point in a park. A central rock within a city scale Chinese garden", said Chris Hardie, Partner at Schmidt Hammer Lassen. "One of the most compelling things about this project is its location within a parkland setting. You are in the heart of the world's largest city, yet we have the opportunity to create a sanctuary for knowledge and media in the trees." The project completes a trilogy of cultural projects alongside the Science & Technology Museum and the Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre – all which surround the centre of the Pudong Government – and sit alongside Century Avenue that links Century Park to the Business District that forms the now globally recognisable skyline of Shanghai. In 1995, Shanghai Library merged with the Shanghai Institute of Scientific and Technological Information resulting in an advanced and comprehensive public research library, the first in China that combines public library services with Scientific and Technological research functions.

▽ 三组错落的开放式阅览空间围绕着一个大型中庭布局,a grand central atrium in the form of three staggered reading rooms

07_SHL_Shanghai_Library_Interior_E_Image by SHL

03_SHL_Shanghai_Library_Interior_A_Image by D&W

04_SHL_Shanghai_Library_Interior_B_Image by D&W

05_SHL_Shanghai_Library_Interior_C_Image by D&W

图书馆内部,三组错落的开放式阅览空间围绕着一个大型中庭布局,它们连接着图书馆的不同功能区域,分别拥有不同的景观视野 — 东向世纪公园、南向新建图书馆公园,西北朝向浦东城市空间。建筑立面包覆着背衬保温板的印刷玻璃,干净利落,切割和旋转后的图书馆体块映射着天空和周边公园景观。玻璃单元模块沿水平向布置,外部成角度的遮阳百叶在缓解眩光问题的同时,保证了面向公园和城市空间的全景视野。项目目前处于方案设计阶段,初步设计将在2017年上半年完成。图书馆预计于2020年建成并开放。

The library itself is organised around a grand central atrium in the form of three staggered reading rooms that open up and connect to various parts of the library and various contextual parts of the city from Century Park to the east, a new library park to the south and the city to the north and west. The library volume is carved and twisted to reflect the surrounding park and sky, and continuously clad in a facade of clear, insulated and fritted glass. The glass panels are arranged in horizontal bands that are angled to minimise solar glare in addition to horizontal louvres – allowing unobstructed panoramic views to the park and city beyond. The project is now progressing through Scheme Design, with Detail Design expected to be completed in the first half of 2017. The Library is expected to be completed and ready to open in 2020.

▽ 入口层,Entrance Level

08_SHL_Shanghai_Library_Interior_E_Image by SHL

09_SHL_Shanghai_Library_Interior_F_Image by SHL   10_SHL_Shanghai_Library_Interior_G_Image by SHL

▽ 阳光普照的阅读空间, Reading area with ample sunlight

06_SHL_Shanghai_Library_Interior_D_Image by SHL

丹麦SHL建筑事务所创世合伙人Morten Schmidt先生说:"现代图书馆不仅是一个贮藏和借阅各种资料的场所,更是一个让人愿意驻足停留、社交互动、充满着灵感和惊喜的空间",他还补充说"对于这样的变化和挑战,我们将其看作是 '从书籍到交集 ' 的转变。公共图书馆将不再是一个仅仅提供藏书的地方,而更像是一个能将市民与知识、体验、创新力联系起来的积极、活跃的场所。"

"A modern library is not only a place for the storage and lending of different materials, it is also a place to stay, a place for social interaction and a place to be inspired and surprised", said Morten Schmidt, Partner at Schmidt Hammer Lassen. "The answer to these changes and challenges are what we refer to as a shift from "collection to connection. Libraries are not only passive collections, but vibrant institutions connecting users with knowledge, experiences, innovation and not least their fellow citizens", he added.



▽总平面,Master Plan


Architect:Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Client:Shanghai Library
Competition:2016, 1st prize, international competition
Structural Engineer:Schlaich Bergermann Partner
Climate & Environmental Engineer:Transsolar
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer:Buro Happold
Facade Engineer:Drees & Sommer
Visuals:Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Beauty & the Bit and Doug&Wolf
Local Collaboration Architect:SIADRFacts

项目团队:Morten Schmidt (Partner), Chris Hardie (Partner), Rong Lu (Partner), Jing Lin (Project Lead), Steven Morton (Project Lead), Tasha Ye Feng, Michelle Tang, Chencheng Li, Simon Persson, Steven Ying Nien Chen, Bartek Winnicki, Tim Kunkel, Xinghua Zu, Tade Godbersen, Dong Liang, Lukasz Truchalski, Sicong Liu, Beihong Mao, Mavis Lian.
结构顾问:Schlaich Bergermann Partner (Shanghai & Stuttgart)
环境顾问:Transsolar (Munich)
机电顾问:Buro Happold (Beijing & London)
幕墙顾问:Drees & Sommer (Shanghai & Stuttgart)
效果图制作:Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Beauty & the Bit and Doug&Wolf

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