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来自玮奕国际设计对gooood的分享。更多关于他们,请至:Wei Yi International Design Associates on gooood。Appreciation towards Wei Yi International Design Associates for providing the following description:


This two-bedroom apartment in Taipei is designed by Wei Yi International Design Associates. The tone of the interior is echo with the each other, the space if functioned by the characters of different material to avoiding losing coherent.

▼ 公寓平面图,the interior plan of the apartment


入口玄关进门处的地板铺面选用对切青砖以人字形拼法组合,粗犷未经刻意修饰的素材质感自然地和公领域的盘多磨 (Pandomo)地板衔接。

Through the fascinated of concrete, the designer tries to annotate the different views of space base on the materials’ characteristics in this case.

▼ 设计师试图通过玄关处不同的材质和地板铺面来划分空间,the space was functioned by different materials’ characteristics



Along with the original structure and the position of the entrance, this space is divided into two parts by the wall extending from the entrance, the public area and the private area, which makes the dweller having an open living area while still keeping the personal privacy perfectly.

▼ 客卧房暗门门片阖上时,视觉上连贯的整片墙面表现出气势张力,integrated background wall and the bedroom door generate a imposing manner


▼ 以板模质感表面处理的主墙,the texture of the wall is created by the stencil plate



Appropriately-selected furnishing creates various views to the living room and enriches the style to it. 

▼ 不同角度下静谧沉稳的客厅空间,overall view of the interior, peaceful and quite




In the study area at the other side of the living room, the recycled wood and the metal boards combined together are made into the book shelves, where originally is the window to the balcony. The floor is lifted to make it even to the balcony, which make a perfect connection between internal and external spaces.

▼ 阅读区,设计师把留存的三道开窗改为门扇,将室内与室外空间相互延续贯通,in the study area, the original window is transformed to be the entrance of the balcony




Next to the living room, the sedate concrete adopted to the wall of dining room and to the island of the open kitchen contrast to the elegant warm from the white of the kitchen panels, which give beauty of conflicts. 

▼ 一旁的餐厅空间利用水泥为墙面与中岛的建构材料,the sedate concrete adopted to the wall of dining room and to the island of the open kitchen


▼ 细致的白色冷喷漆与粗糙水泥质感形成的对比反差,the contrast between the elegant warm and the white of the kitchen panels give beauty of conflicts


011-Initiation   012-Initiation


The implementation of the texture in the public area breaks the definition of each functionality area.
It is all about the difference between each texture and how it turns out. One-color tone arrangement with diversity of the various textures totally highlights the most significant part in this case. With the lighting from the ceiling light, table light and standing light, the space is filled with tranquility.

▼ 卧室中的色调与公共空间相呼应,the bedroom's tone echoes with the public area


▼ 从卧室暗门中看到的公共空间,the view of the dinning room from private area


▼ 卫生间中材质的运用,the material used in the bathroom


▼ 嵌灯为主,立灯、桌灯为辅的照明形式,烘托出空间的质感与内敛,the decorations have continue the texture of the space


项目名称:初始 / INITIATION
项目类型:私人住宅/平层 Private residential project / apartment
项目地点:台北,台湾 Taipei, Taiwan
项目面积:112 平方米 / 112 sqm
设计公司:玮奕国际设计 Wei Yi International Design Associates
设计总监:方信原 Shin-Yuan Fang
获奖信息:2013 TID award, Taiwan. 2015 A’Design Award, Italy.
照片来源:By Wei Yi International Design Associates.

More: 玮奕国际设计. 更多关于他们,请至:Wei Yi International Design Associates on gooood.

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  1. 住在这屋子里,让我感觉随时能看到咒怨里某些画面!这么大面积使用灰暗材质有点过了。。。住的时间长容易抑郁。。。

  2. 这家公司做样板间还是很不错的

  3. 这个水泥地面还有墙面是什么工艺?

  4. 看多了玮奕国际设计的作品,从最开始的惊艳到现在感觉千篇一律。不管什么案例,设计风格和色调都是那么的接近。不太喜欢过暗的空间色差。不过在很多细节处理上还是挺喜欢的。

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